'The Walking Dead' Gift Guide Will Help You Decide What To Get The Zombie Fan In Your Life

Nothing says the holiday season quite like red and green... the red of zombie blood splatter and the green of Maggie Greene, that is. The Walking Dead may not be on the air for the month of December — and may seem more like a Halloween-time-of-year show — but that doesn't mean you should neglect your favorite The Walking Dead fan for Christmas. The AMC show about the zombie apocalypse won't be back for the rest of Season 6 until February, but you can make your favorite fan's holiday a bit warmer with this Walking Dead gift guide.

The Walking Dead may not seem like a natural fit for gift giving, but Rick Grimes himself starred in one of the best Christmas movies ever made, so if he can embrace the holiday spirit, so can you. Plus, Walking Dead fans are known for their fervor — as displayed by the fan who recently bit Norman Reedus — so Walking Dead-themed presents are welcome at any time of year, and most especially at Christmas.

Whether or not you understand your friend/family member/loved one's obsession with the AMC series, the true meaning of Christmas is embracing that obsession by purchasing fandom merchandise ( ...or something like that). And these 16 gifts will make for something the characters on The Walking Dead never get — a pleasant surprise — underneath the tree for your fan this 2015 holiday season.

1. Funko Pop! Figurine

Funko has a ton of different Walking Dead collectibles, but their Pop! collection is the most endearing to me and the post-amputation Hershel figurine is a personal favorite. Seeing Hershel's adorable Pop! face is sure to melt your friend's heart on Christmas morning.

Walking Dead Funko Pop! Television Hershel Greene Vinyl Figure, $14.99, ToyWiz

2. The Zombie Survival Guide

Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide isn't affiliated with The Walking Dead, but that doesn't mean it won't give your friend essential tips for surviving the undead in case the zombie apocalypse does hit.

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, $8.46 (list price $14.99), Amazon

3. Zombie String Lights

Who needs regular Christmas lights when you have zombie heads to trim your tree with? Whether your friend wants to deck the halls with these zombie lights or use them for a backyard BBQ in the summer, this gift will light up his or her night.

Walking Dead Zombie String Lights, $14.99 (list price $24.99), ThinkGeek

4. Daryl Christmas Shirt

Another item perfect for the holidays is this shirt that plays on the names of Santa's reindeer and replaces two of them with the name of The Walking Dead's most treasured hunk — Daryl Dixon. The baseball T-shirt is available in an array of colors and sizes, and Daryl is sure to replace Rudolph as your friend's favorite reindeer.

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Christmas Baseball T-Shirt, $19.95, SheSquatsClothing/Etsy

5. Zombie Bandages

When a zombie bites, a bandage won't really help, but your friend could appreciate this comic book-inspired practical and kitschy gift for his or her own little scratches.

The Walking Dead Adhesive Bandage Tin, $9.99, Skybound Shop

6. Coral! Mug

As much as Walking Dead fans love Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln's "Corallll!" cry is such a delight to joke about. Etsy user TrendyShirts makes the most of teasing Rick with this mug, which is sure to bring joy to your lighthearted Walking Dead-fan friend.

The Walking Dead Coral Mug, $17.95, TrendingShirts/Etsy

7. Wall Calendar

You gotta keep track of the date and time to not lose your mind after zombies have taken over, but your friend can just enjoy knowing what day it is while checking out the cast in this 2016 wall calendar.

2016 The Walking Dead Wall Calendar, $11.19 (list price $14.99) , Barnes & Noble

8. Trivia Game


If the person you are buying for watches Talking Dead, then he or she is well versed in the art of The Walking Dead trivia. Up the ante with this trivia game — and then you get to play along too!

The Walking Dead Trivia Game, $16.99, Toys"R"Us

9. Construction Sets


These Lego-like sets from McFarlane Toys will help bring out the detail-oriented kid in any recipient. Dale's RV has been long gone on the show, but your friend can have fun recreating it, complete with Dale on top, with this set.

McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead Dale's RV Construction Set, $49.95, Walmart

10. Daryl Water Bottle

Hot Topic

It's important to stay hydrated when running away from walkers, so this Daryl-themed 20 oz., BPA-free water bottle should do just the trick for your buddy.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Water Bottle, $9.37 (list price $12.50), Hot Topic

11. Wine Glasses


Once The Walking Dead returns in 2016, your friend can drink wine Sunday nights out of these character wine glasses. The glasses are available with Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carol (pictured), Glenn, Maggie, or Carl (hey — he's underage!) and you can opt-in for blood splatter on the glass as well.

Walking Dead Wine Glass, $18.00, OlaMaeDesigns/Etsy

12. Pint Glasses


And for the beer lover in your life, get this set of four pint glasses featuring Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Glenn, who are pretty much the ultimate drinking buddies (under different circumstances, of course). And if you're lucky enough to live in a distribution area for the brewing company Terrapin, you can fill those glasses with The Walking Dead-inspired beer, Terrapin's Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA, as an additional gift in a 22 oz. bottle.

16 oz. The Walking Dead Foil Character Pint Glass Set, $29.99, Spencer's

13. Beer Koozie

Terrapin Beer Company

Speaking of Terrapin, the brewery based out of Athens, Georgia has a beer koozie for their Walking Dead-approved beer, which would make for a great stocking stuffer for your Walking Dead and beer obsessed friend. (Important note: Terrapin isn't the only beer company that used the AMC show for inspiration since Dock Street Brewing Company created the beer Walker with actual goat brains!!)

The Walking Dead Pint Koozie, $5.00, Terrapin Beer Company

14. Terminus Hoodie

MyPlay Direct

"Those who arrive survive" was a load of BS, but this sweatshirt from the official Walking Dead merchandise store is legit. Your friend can stay warm and cozy in this hoodie, while being constantly reminded of cannibals — that's what Christmas is all about!

Terminus Map Hoodie, $59.99, MyPlay Direct

15. Wall Decal


The company Fathead specializes in larger-than-life sized peel and stick wall decals, so if your friend is a true fan, but doesn't want his or her wall to be forever devoted to The Walking Dead, these decals will do the trick. The Michonne one is 6'2" tall and will absolutely keep zombies at bay.

Michonne Wall Decal, $99.99, Fathead

16. The Comic Books


If your friend hasn't read the comic book series that the show is based on, the compendiums are a great way to catch up quick since the first one combines the initial eight volumes of the comics by Robert Kirkman. And it's a gift I can personally vouch for since my BFF gave it to me two Christmases ago.

The Walking Dead: Compendium One, $35.99 (list price $55.99), Amazon