Taylor Swift’s "Kangaroo Selfies" Perfectly Sum Up The Struggles Of Pet Owners Everywhere — PHOTOS

With the weather starting to get even colder, it's easy to daydream about hopping on a plane and vacationing somewhere warm. In case you're looking for some serious vacay inspiration, look no further than Taylor Swift's Instagram account. The "Wildest Dreams" singer is currently in Australia and the photos from her trip will give you life. As a way to celebrate the upcoming finale of the 1989 World Tour, Taylor Swift took the crew and band on vacation — 125 people altogether. Plus, her family members, including brother Austin Swift, are along for the trip. They even posed together with a koala! It's been an animal-filled adventure, since the singer also snapped a picture with a bird she met. Continuing this trend, Taylor Swift shared photos with a kangaroo, which are the best pictures I've seen all day. Here's what she wrote as the caption:

I didn't know 'kangaroo selfies' were a thing.But they are and this is one.

Touché, Tay! I didn't know that kangaroo selfies were a thing either, but now my life is completely changed for the better. The picture is way too adorable for words. This kangaroo is officially my new favorite member of Swift's ever-growing squad. (Sorry, Selena Gomez!)

T. Swift looks incredibly excited in the selfie and the kangaroo looks pretty pleased as well. However, that's not how the rest of the day went down — there was a change in attitude. In a second snapshot Swift shared, the kangaroo is completely ignoring her. Based on the caption, all she wants is for the animal to love her, but it's far too focused on food.

Everything about this picture is perfect! It sums up the struggle that pet owners know far too well. Sometimes when all I want is for my dog to snuggle with me, she'd much rather eat her food or have a dog biscuit. Ugh, animals! One minute they're taking selfies with you, but the next, they care more about their dinner.

Either way, Swift really is making the most of her vacation and becoming one with the Australian wildlife. Now that kangaroos, birds, and koalas are crossed off the list, I hope she shares even more super-cute animal photos from her trip.

Despite that kangaroo's snub, it's safe to say that Swift is like a real-life Snow White. As evidenced by her relationship with her two cats, she has a strong bond with animals and the feeling is (almost always) mutual.