Maribel Was Recast With Jerry-Jane Pears & The Actress Is Bringing A New Face To The Role

As a way to break up all the terrible things that happened on the Sunday, Dec. 6 episode of The Royals, Princess Maribel's new appearance was finally revealed. The original actress Hatty Preston announced that she left the show five months ago, so Princess Maribel had to change on The Royals. And to say that change was significant would be an understatement since the role of Princess Maribel was recast with model Jerry-Jane Pears.

In the Season 2 premiere, The Royals explained the recast by having Maribel recovering from extensive plastic surgery, but her face had never been shown. That is until in the fourth episode this season, "What, Has This This Thing Appear'd Again Tonight?," Maribel asked her sister Penelope to be the one to unveil her new face. Maribel had already unwrapped her body and she showed off her new abs, which apparently is actually a thing that can be done with cosmetic surgery. (I still don't buy it.)

Maribel, who is Cyrus's younger daughter, said that she had been going for a Grace Kelly/Marilyn Monroe look and by Penelope's face when she finally unwrapped her sister it wasn't clear whether Maribel had actually achieved that appearance or looked "like Cher" (Maribel's words, not mine). But the show went the utterly unsurprising route of having Maribel revealed as Pears, a stunning, blonde model.

(Did you know that dying your hair blonde can magically change the texture too? Things you can only learn from The Royals.)

Of course, Mr. Morefield — who had been put to the task by Queen Helena to woo both Penelope and Maribel — was ecstatic with the change, but Penelope, not so much. Penelope had always been "the hot one," and now she wasn't sure if her sister would still be her best friend since she's new and improved. While the whole change is completely absurd and more than a bit frustrating, the one good thing is that Maribel promised to still be Penelope's BFF, even with her new face and body. And the goofy sisters will need to be aligned when it comes time to take down the scheming Mr. Morefield.

Image: E!