13 Things Every 'Friends' Fan Wants For Christmas

by Amy Mackelden

Friends continues to be everyone's favorite show, despite the finale airing over 10 years ago. It's just that good. One of the reasons that Friends continues to stand the test of time is that it was never afraid to cover topics everyone could relate to: love, divorce, pregnancy, family, friends, work, and money. And the fact that the entire cast were, and still are, beautiful didn't hurt either, and the show sure knew how to give us a good Friends Christmas episode. Remember when Joey and Chandler bought the rest of the gang Christmas gifts from the gas station? Rachel was definitely pleased with her wiper blades. And that just makes me wonder about the gifts that the friends have that money can't buy.

Aside from being a show that made everyone laugh and have all the feels (everyone wants to find their lobster because of Friends, right?), it was also a show about friendship. I mean, obviously. Because of the title. But the friendships were so key to the success of the show, and there's so much we can learn from Friends. But what are some of things in Friends that we wish we could transfer to real life? Does the show contain some interesting Christmas gift ideas for the committed fan? What are some of the most important things in Friends which would make brilliant gifts, if only we could wrap them?

1. Monica's Apartment

NBC/Warner Bros. Television

Not an apartment a bit like Monica's, but this exact one. Pretty please. Like, right now.

2. Phoebe's Musical Ability

Who doesn't wish they could write catchy songs as easily as Phoebe Buffay seems to? Plus, if the show was still running, Phoebe would totally be a YouTube sensation at this point, right? Am I right?

3. A Love Like Rachel & Ross Or Monica & Chandler

I know that TV isn't real, but Friends did romance so well. Whichever couple was your favorite, everyone's after a love like this.

4. Killer Dance Moves

Dancing lessons are always a possibility, but it's unlikely I'll reach the standard of awesomeness that Ross and Monica achieve in their routine. Definitely a gift I'd love.

5. Unagi

Not to be confused with freshwater eel, Unagi means being in a total state of awareness, able to defend yourself at any moment. Definitely worth studying for! The perfect impossible gift.

6. A Rock Polisher

OK, so maybe this isn't something everyone wants. Plus, I'm pretty sure that money can buy this.

7. Tom Selleck's Mustache Comb

Not just any old mustache comb. Tom Selleck's mustache comb. Enough said.

8. An Unlimited Supply Of Food And Sex

I'd like both of these things please, stat!

9. The Ability To Play Air Piano

The mark of a true pianist, Paul Rudd's appearance on the show as Mike was legendary. And his ability to play air piano would be the perfect gift.

10. Phoebe's First Bike

Where would I even find a bike this beautiful?

11. A Genuine Pterodactyl Egg (Replica)

Dinosaurs are a pretty hot topic right now, Ross Gellar probably wouldn't even be considered a nerd anymore. He'd be running the world. I know lots of people who would love to get their hands on his dinosaur memorabilia.

12. Relaxation This Awesome

If I could gift someone with a moment as relaxing as when Chandler takes a bath, I totally would.

13. A Branch Of Central Perk

OK, so there may be branches of Central Perk in the United States, few though they may be, but the best gift for, like, everyone would be a Central Perk on every block. I really hope this happens one day soon.