Tom Hiddleston Should Host The Golden Globes & Make All Our Dreams Come True

It's that wonderful time of year again when the buzz of award season is in full bloom. First we had the Grammy nominations at the beginning of the week, and now the 2016 Golden Globe nominations are about to be revealed as well. But despite your thoughts of who did and didn't get snubbed, there's one thing I think we can all agree upon: this awards ceremony, in general, needs more Tom Hiddleston. Actually, if I'm being perfectly honest, that sentiment could be said about pretty much any scenario. (That guy could make even infomercials look positively riveting.) However, I'm not just referring to his overall presence at any given event. What I'm proclaiming is that Tom Hiddleston should totally host the Golden Globes at some point throughout his career. (The sooner, the better, I say!) Because just like with everything else this guy does, he'd exceed all of our expectations, are are arguably pretty high to begin with.

From amazingly spot-on impressions to that handsome physique, this British actor has charmed his way into our hearts and minds throughout these past few years. And while he initially came onto our radar as the Avengers villain Loki, we all know that he is anything but a Big Bad. In fact, he's probably one of the most kind and generous people in Hollywood. So if he's ever up for the task, I'm more than confident that he would make for an incredible Golden Globes host. And here's why...

1. He's Insanely Charming

When it comes to charisma, this guy has it in spades. Seriously, no one can work a crowd better than this guy.

2. He Could Do Impressions Of The Nominees

BBC on YouTube

Most of us know by now how great T. Hiddles is at impressions, but just in case you're unfamiliar with this particular talent of his, watch him tackle a range of many different Hollywood actors, from Owen Wilson to Al Pacino, in the most adorable way possible. Who wouldn't want that kind of entertainment at an awards ceremony?

3. He Would Be Ratings Gold

This actor has a huge fan base, so making him the host would send the Golden Globes ratings through the roof. There's not one Hiddlestoner in existence that would miss such an event — guaranteed.

4. Dancing Would Take Center Stage

And there would be zero complaints from anyone.

5. Tumblr Would Have A Field Day

If you think Hiddlestoners worship him on Tumblr now, that's nothing compared to the onslaught of images that would be created in honor of his hosting gig. And anything that gives me more Hiddleston to gawk at, is never a bad thing.

6. He Loves To Be The Center Of Attention

And we eat it up like kids in a candy store.

7. It's The Least The Globes Could Do For Him

As of now, Hiddleston has yet to even be nominated for a Golden Globe throughout his successful career. So really, they owe him the chance to truly shine like the superstar that he is.

8. He Has Prior Hosting Experience

MTV on YouTube

Earlier this year, Hiddleston and his Crimson Peak co-star Jessica Chastain hosted an After Hours party for the film and the results were pretty hilarious. Yes, they made for awful hosts, but that was all part of the shtick and proved just how entertaining T. Hiddles could be. (Not that we had any doubt, of course.) I mean, just think of all the fun he could bring to that Golden Globes opening monologue and all those running gags throughout the night. He was born to host this ceremony.

9. It Gives Him An Excuse To Wear A Tux

And it gives us an excuse to swoon over his dapper appearance.

10. He Can Handle The Pressure Of A Live Performance

Given his extensive theater background (and his impromptu birthday salutations), Hiddleston knows how to perform in front of a live audience and think fast on his feet if something goes wrong. (Which, on a live show, it usually does.)

11. Loki Could Make An Appearance

*insert manic squeals of joy here*

12. He's Just As Big Of A Fan Of These Stars As We Are

Above all else, Hiddleston has nothing but the utmost respect for his fellow colleagues and will make them feel like victors whether they win or lose. Plus, he'd be fangirling just as much as any of us would be.

So come on, Globes — make this guy an offer he can't refuse. Because rest assured, he'd make it well worth your while.

Images: Giphy (7); thenerdybird/Tumblr; theavengersfans/Tumblr; lokicanyouhearme/Tumblr