This Was The Best 2015 Makeup Launch

by Jessica Willingham

This past year had some amazing makeup and beauty launches. From Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit by Kylie to the Makeup Geek duo chrome eyeshadows, there have been a slew of amazing new products that hit the market in 2015. But what was the greatest launch of them all? This was the best makeup launch of 2015: Urban Decay's Naked Vault 2.

My personal criteria for a great launch has multiple components. Packaging, formulation, selection, and price are all important factors in a product launch. In my opinion, no brand nailed it quite like Urban Decay for their sophomore effort of the Vault collection. The Urban Decay Vault 2 release included the original Naked palette, the Naked2, Naked3, and the Naked Smoky. It also comes with Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics. That's six full eyeshadow palettes in one collection for only $109. To buy each product individually would cost $165.

The Vault 2 was a significant improvement from the original Urban Decay Naked Vault, which retailed for a whopping $280, but came with twelve products, six of which were full palettes. If you bought each product individually, it would set you back $372. So while the collection was impeccable, the price had much to be desired — it was a mere $92 in savings. That was the biggest difference in the latest release — savings.

An insane deal, combined with cult products that everyone can (and should!) have in their collection, usually means "sold out." The UD launch on sold out within five minutes of going live. One customer on Sephora's website left a comment, saying, "Out of stock already?!" We feel ya, girl.

As of right now, they still aren't restocked, but you can get your hands on the vault via eBay for around $400. Yikes.

Almost all great launches sell out (ahem, Lip Kit by Kylie), but in terms of savings and bang for your buck, I have to award Urban Decay's Naked Vault 2 as the greatest launch of 2015. Here's to hoping it gets restocked again soon!

Image: Urban Decay