'The Voice' Season 9 Finalists Are Revealed And They're Really Not A Surprise

Get ready, America, because The Voice Finale is next week and we finally know all four of our finalists. Jordan Smith, Emily Ann Roberts, Barrett Baber and Jeffery Austin are advancing to next week's The Voice Live Finale and, to be honest, I'm really not surprised. Now that our finalists are in place, the next big question is "Who will take home the coveted title of The Voice Season 9 Champion?" It's going to be a close one, so let's look at the options.

All four artists have been fan favorites this season, which is why it's really no surprise that they all made it to the Live Finale. It is an interesting mix, though, because the four finalists can be grouped in to two very specific genres. Roberts and Baber, both hailing from Team Blake, are aspiring country stars, while Austin (Team Gwen) and Smith (Team Adam) are soulful ballad singers. These groupings will greatly affect the Finale, since votes will be split. So who will win which votes? The answer is pretty clear — Roberts will take the country vote, while Smith will take the "other" vote. (Because let's face it, there are two genres on this show: country and non-country.)

The battle between Roberts and Smith will be a tough one. Roberts quickly won over the hearts of America with her unique bluegrass sound and adorable Southern twang. Smith, on the other hand, became a fan favorite with his chill-inducing performance of Sia's "Chandelier" in the Blind Auditions. I'm quick to say Smith will take home the "W," — and have been saying it since the very first night — but Roberts could come from behind because she has the one thing that Smith doesn't: the country vote. If you take a look at The Voice winner's circle, half of them hail from Team Blake. Will Roberts join this ever-growing group of champions? Or will Smith give Adam Levine his third win? It will all come down to their final performances, so tune in to next week's Live Finale to find out!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC