9 Gifts Every 'Bachelor' Fan Would Love

The countdown to the Jan. 4 premiere of The Bachelor has begun. Before we can watch Ben Higgins find his future wife, we have to survive the holidays, which would be a whole lot better with some Bachelor -themed Christmas gifts, am I right? Whether you’re looking for something to get a Bachelor fanatic or you’re a Bachelor fan who’s making a list for friends and family, I have compiled some things that all rose-lovers should have in their lives from t-shirts and books to coffee and wine glasses. Everyone could use more Bachelor merchandise for their Monday nights.

Bachelor fans were already given an early present when ABC released the bios for all of the ladies who are competing for a chance at Ben's heart. My money is on JoJo based off the bios because she brings up religion, country music, and she’s also pretty basic. Sounds perfect for Ben! To be fair, I might not be right because I was pretty convinced Becca was going to win Chris’ season. I won’t make that mistake again, although I would love to see Becca come back as the next Bachelorette if Ben's season doesn't work out. So many things to speculate! Jan. 4 cannot come soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy these awesome gifts.

For The Fashionista...

Wine, Bachelor & Yoga Pants Shirt, $29, Amazon

Nothing says Bachelor fan like a shirt that says "Wine, Bachelor and Yoga Pants." I mean what else do you really need in life? Plus, most of the Bachelor family has been spotted wearing the shirt too, which pretty much means if you own the shirt, you’re apart of the family.

For The Romantic...

The Perfect Letter, $14, Amazon

Yes, it’s true. Chris Harrison wrote a romance novel called “The Perfect Letter” this year and it’s such a fast, easy read, you could get through it in an afternoon. The story is about a girl who has a great life in New York and has just gotten engaged, but a trip home soon reveals that the love of her life has just gotten out of jail and now she’s torn between two guys. It gives Nicholas Sparks a run for his money.

For The Online Dater...

Tinder Nightmares, $12, Amazon

Have you heard of Elan Gale? Well most Bachelor fanatics have since he’s one of the producers on the show and he's hilarious. This year he came out with a book called Tinder Nightmares that stemmed from the Instagram account he created. It’s basically a book that has compiled awful Tinder conversations and it will probably make you think twice about who you chat with on Tinder, if anyone still uses Tinder.

For The Netflix & Chiller...

Bachelor & Chill Shirt , $25, ClothingByOwl

So, maybe your boyfriend can't take a hint that you want to hook up. This Bachelor shirt will make sure he knows what’s up. Maybe you are the boyfriend looking for a gift for your Bachelor-loving girlfriend. This is probably your best bet.

For The Bachelor Viewing Party Thrower

Bachelorette Wine Glass, $12, Etsy

What else would you drink your wine out of?

For The TV Marathoner...

Watch Now on Amazon Instant Video

Past seasons are available on Amazon if you want to get someone the gift of reliving all the drama.

For The Wino...

Pleasure Party Wine, $15, Amazon

If you want to buy a present for a diehard Bachelor fan, you literally cannot go wrong with wine. Bachelor fanatics love their wine and they don’t care what kind as long as they have a fresh bottle popped at the start of the episode, it’s perfect.

For The Expectant Mother...

Bachelor Baby Onesie, $25, CafePress

This onesie is what every Bachelor-fan mom needs since Bachelor Nation needs to be passed on to the next generation.

For The Coffee Lover...

Wrong Reasons Mug , $13, CafePress

This mug is for the coffee-loving Bachelor fanatic, who would definitely be a little naughty and go on the show for all the wrong reasons. As if "the right reasons" can even be defined in the first place.