What Gloria Steinem Wants For Christmas Will Have You Ready To Co-Sign Every Item In A Heartbeat

Everyone who celebrates Christmas has their own Christmas list — even feminist icons. Gloria Steinem has released her Christmas list, and I think they're things we'd all be happy to see this holiday season, whether you celebrate or not. So if Santa (or Hipster Santa, for that matter) could get on it, that would be just great.

So what do you get the woman who's spent four decades in the spotlight as a leader of the American feminist movement, who co-founded Ms. Magazine and the Women's Media Center? After all, she probably already has plenty of feminist coffee mugs, a closet full of feminist T-shirts, and she's obviously been drinking from a flask of male tears since before I was born. So what do you get her? A better world, of course.

After all, she's been fighting for it for decades now — why would she want it any less around Christmas?

In a speech during the holiday show for social change organization BETTY, Steinem laid out what she's looking for under the tree (or, you know, out there in the world) this December 25th, and she isn't pulling punches. Here are just some of the things Steinem would like for Christmas this year — and I would like to co-sign all of them.

1. A Donald Trump Apology

Number 10 on Steinem's list is:

An abject apology from Donald Trump for being a Birther; anti-immigrant; a builder of buildings that look like big Dunhill cigarette lighters; the world’s most punishing source of Green Cards for women who marry him to get one; daring to rate women as no longer Tens when he himself has never been a One, going bankrupt multiple times in order to stick other people with his bad-judgment debt; pretending he ever hit a home run when actually, he was born on Third Base – and oh, yes, setting the hair weave industry all the way back to Rogaine.

Like I said, not pulling any punches.

2. Barring a Trump Apology...

...Steinem says she would like:

If Trump doesn’t apologize, I wish us all the gift of remembering that Hitler was democratically elected -- in a low voter turnout.

No. Punches. Pulled.

3. For People To Recognize The Black Lives Matter Founders

Steinem says:

I want people to know that the great gift of Black Lives Matter was created by 3 young black women: Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors – and that has led to 3 great organizing guidelines:

1) Lead with love2) Low ego, high impact3) Move at the speed of trust

Gives you faith in the future, doesn’t it?

It certainly does.

4. Uber Reform

Not uber as in "a lot of" but Uber as in the app that's on your phone. She says,

I want Uber to stop charging for the weather – nobody, not even airlines, charge for the weather! – and I want Uber to stop refusing people with disabilities, and now, with 30,000 unregulated Uber cars in New York City, driving wheelchair accessible taxis out of business. Don’t let Uber become uber alles.

5. Thank You Letters For The President

Sharing gratitude is a holiday tradition after all. Steinem says,

I would like us all to send a nice Christmas thank you to President Obama – for surviving ultra-right-wingers who, if they had cancer, and Obama had the cure, wouldn’t accept it.

And for the rest of Steinem's list, you can check out her Facebook post where she listed all ten out here:

Merry Christmas, everyone!