6 Things We Want From Gloria Steinem For Christmas

ICYMI, Gloria Steinem just shared what she wants for Christmas — predictably, they're brilliant. Ever the inspiration, the 81-year-old author of My Life on the Road didn't ask for the type of traditional materialistic presents that land on most of our lists. No, she doesn't covet the latest designer dress or ask for the new "it" bag. Rather, Steinem shines once again as a paradigm of feminism and social advocacy as she requests "an apology from Donald Trump" and for gun laws to be governed as strictly as women's rights are.

And, once again, Steinem has managed to stir something in us all. She reminds us that the reason for the season is in giving, not receiving. One could easily argue that the things Steinem wants for Christmas would benefit everyone — including the author herself — still, her motivation isn't selfish. In fact, her list is unfettered selflessness personified. In and of itself, her list is a gift. Yet it leaves us wanting more from Steinem. So, to celebrate Steinem and the season of gifting gaiety, we worked up an open letter of our own. Only our "Dear Santa" is comprised of things we want from Steinem this Christmas.


1. To Teach Us To Look At Life As One Big Adventure

Instead of viewing her nomadic upbringing as a burden (her family bounced around so much she had trouble getting a traditional education), she embraced it because it helped her realize uncertainty isn't necessarily a bad thing. That it simply means you look at each day like a string of colored beads: each different and all beautiful. It's part of the reason Steinem has never gotten her driver's license — "If you don't drive," she says, "the trip, the adventure, begins at your door."

2. Her Sense of Style

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Steinem always looks effortlessly chic. Seriously, the woman always looks impeccable, yet never contrived. Above and beyond simple sartorial acumen, though, we want Steinem's sense of style in the way that she is a curator of life. She has a stunning knack for seeking out and finding the beauty in everything — people, decor, scenery, words, causes and, yes, clothing. When it comes to arbiters of style, she is our true north.

3. To Imbue Us With Bravery On Behalf Of Others

It's readily apparent in Steinem's Christmas list that here is a woman who is not afraid to use her voice to speak up for those who aren't able to out of fear or oppression or anything else that may be silencing them. Throughout her life, Steinem has fought tirelessly for gender equality, racial equality, social equality and, well, just about every kind of equality you can imagine. She is a feminist icon, yes, and also undoubtedly a humanist to her core. Teach us your ways, oh wise one!

4. The Ability to Clap Back Without Missing A Beat


Have you ever been stuck in a heated moment left without the right words with which to adequately eviscerate your opponent? While still maintaining some semblance of decorum, no less? Such never seems to be the case with Steinem. When she claps back, her presence is commanding in a way that is both witty and austere. That entire Donald Trump bit in her Christmas list? Classic. The woman is a force to be reckoned with.

5. For Her To Be Our Mom

I mean, c'mon. I love my Mama — she's amazing. And, you know, I feel confident Steinem would like her, too. But you have to admit that having Steinem for a mom — literally or figuratively — would also be pretty incredible. We can envision long afternoons spent strolling the streets of New York, picketing political rallies and discussing feminist theory. Holidays would be spent jetting off to some spontaneous locale to become immersed in the local culture. Dear Ms. Steinem, if you are reading this, we are available for immediate adoption.

6. To Be Our Future Selves

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Here's what it all boils down to: We don't just want these things from Gloria Steinem — we want to be Gloria Steinem. Seriously, we want to be her when we grow up. She has squeezed so much life into her 81 years, and she has yet to lose her sense of wonder. "I don't want to leave, I love it here," she lists as her top Christmas wish. Well, we don't want you to go anywhere either, Steinem. We have much to learn from you yet.

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