Tom Austen & Alexandra Park's Instagram Photos Reveal 'The Royals' Stars Have Amazing Off-Screen Lives

On The Royals, Jasper and Eleanor may be in the middle of an unrequited love triangle, but, off-screen Tom Austen and Alexandra Park are best friends. And, The Royals stars' Instagram posts show just how tight these two are, and reveal plenty of other insights as to what the two are like as well. Spoiler alert: They are both nothing like their characters. But since one of them plays an out-of-control former princess and the other plays a sinister security expert, that's not too surprising.

But, who would have known that examining their friendship and lives offscreen is actually just as fun as watching Eleanor and Jasper circle one another as they try to unravel all of the conspiracies (what the hell is up with Domino?!) at The Royals' core? Well, anyone who follows one or both of these guys on Instagram, that's who. It doesn't seem like there's anything romantic between Park & Austen, but they seem like a very fun pair to hang out with. Oh, and they are pros at all of the Insta staples, like artfully posed landscapes, making all of their selfies seem totally candid, and, most of all, making their lives seem incredibly fun and relaxed, even when they're actually super busy making delightfully soapy television episodes. Here's what fans can learn from their IG accounts.

These Two Are Actually Really Tight Offscreen

Seriously, these two choose to spend even more time together than they have to in order to film The Royals. Most of their IG pics feature the other, and they often refer to one another jokingly because they have the perfect fun BFF-ship.

They Dressed Up For Halloween Together

And, not only did they go out dressed up in a group costume, that costume was the Rancho Carne High School cheerleaders from Bring It On!

Tom Loves A Good Sunset

Look at Tom's IG and you'll see: He can't resist snapping a pic of a beautiful sunset.

They're Kind Of A Mess

At least while they were filming the second season of The Royals.

Alexandra Posts The Best Sister TBTs

Judging from her throwback pics, Park had one awesome childhood. Who else has memories of feeding baby "kangys" with their sister before kindergarten? Super adorable.

They Can't Decide Who Wore It Better

The way you know you're really tight with someone is when you accidentally dress like twins. Especially if you both look like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

Season 2 Of The Royals Is Over

At least, that's what Tom's caption says. Granted, there's still plenty of episodes that have yet to air. But it looks like filming The Royals Season 2 has officially wrapped: Which means Tom Austen and Alexandra Park know what happens between Princess Eleanor and Jasper by the Season 2 finale. Now, if only they would drop hints about that on Instagram...

Image: Charley Gallay/E! Entertainment