A 'Broad City' Gift Guide For The Queen In Your Life

Hey there, you gift-buying fiend. I see you. You've spent every day since before Thanksgiving making lists and checking them twice, trying to get the perfect items for your friends and family. It was a shrewd business move of you to spend all that money on that bottle of whiskey for your boss. It was thoughtful of you to get those magnets for your parents that have your face plastered all over them, and their fridge will never be the same. You are really doing great this year, but there's one person you forgot about this holiday season: you. Yass, queen, you deserve plenty of gifts, too. That's why I've made you a Broad City gift guide that's perfect for all you feminist TV-watching fans.

After all, while it's great to give gifts to friends, it's equally important to honor yourself. You need to show yourself some appreciation this holiday season, and if Ilana and Abbi of Broad City have taught fans anything in their two-season reign supreme, it is that self-love is so important. But don't get as crazy as Ilana and start making out with your clone, because as she and comedy goddess Alia Shawkat proved, that can get a little weird. Instead, here are some great Broad City -themed gifts that any fan will love.

1. Iphone Case

You probably have a phone case already, but you don't have this phone case. Time for a change -- one that reminds you of the opening credits of the show. This case, available on Redbubble, comes in either "snap" for $25.41, or "tough" for $30.50.

Broad City Phone Case, $30.50, Redbubble

2. "I'm Not A Mom" Racerback Tank

This is the shirt to pull out when you are babysitting or hanging out with a young cousin and want everyone to know that you aren't a mom just yet. If you're feeling that you should probably figure out how to take care of yourself first, then this tank is the perfect place to start. Love yourself, love your clothes, love your possible eventual hypothetical progeny. You can snag this find at Cafe Press for $27.99.

Broad City Tank Top, $27.99, Cafe Press

3. Art Print

This '50s-pinup-style print features some lovely quotes from the two main ladies about "brain kegels" and being "a badass boss." It's just the sort of artwork you need to remind yourself that you are in charge. This print is available at Society6 for $15.30.

Broad City Art Print, $15.30, Society6

4. Saint Candles

Every now and then, you need to take some time for yourself. Run a bubble bath, do some heavy-duty exfoliating with some brown sugar scrub, and light these snazzy Broad City saint candles. Everyone needs a spiritual moment on occasion, and these gals are the way to make that happen. These candles are available on Etsy for $15.

Broad City Saint Candles, $15, Etsy

5. Abbi's Bingo Bronson Plushie Guy Patch

You know that jacket you've been meaning to put the patches on, but haven't yet? Why not add another patch to that list? Bingo Bronson helps Abbi out when she is dealing with her wisdom teeth struggles, so he will be the perfect addition to your patch collection. Whenever you are in a time of struggle, Bingo will be there. You can grab it on Etsy for $11.99.

Bingo Bronson Patch, $11.99, Etsy

6. Subversive Cross-Stitching

If you are one of those gals who always forgets to respond to your buddies' texts, then this might be a good stitch to remind you to tiggity-text back before you wriggity-wreck your friend's day. Nobody wants to be the overly worried pal who calls every five minutes because their chump bestie never answered the text message, "Who's that guy from Lost who looks like he's always wearing eyeliner?" Save your friends and yourself some strain by nabbing this gift to you from you on Etsy for $20.

"I Thought You Got SVU'd" Cross-Stitch, $20, Etsy

7. Yas Queen Sweater

As I have mentioned, you are a queen. You deserve to be treated as such. And you deserve to wear a sweatshirt that screams it. This great one is available on Etsy for $32.

Yas Queen Sweater, $32, Etsy

It is important to be a good friend. But it's also really important to be a good friend to you. This holiday season, embrace your inner Queen and treat yourself. You're worth it, girl!

Images: Etsy, Redbubble, Society6, CafePress