What To Wear With Snow Boots If You're Tired Of The Same Old Pair Of Skinny Jeans — PHOTOS

Even though the main purpose of snow boots is obviously to keep your feet dry and warm this season, that doesn’t mean they can’t look amazing with your outfits. I’ve scouted out , from tights to mini skirts, so you can keep changing up your look. You might have to wear your snow boots every day for weeks, but that's no excuse to fall down into a fashion rut!

P.S., if you've yet to purchase snow boots but know you'll need them, don't put it off. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a pair only to discover that your size is sold out. And if you need some inspiration, don't miss the when the weather gets fierce or Bustle's roundup of the around.

Even though the weather is still alarmingly warm here in New York (I'm literally wearing a tank top and yoga pants right now), I had plenty of experience last year with how to style snow boots. No matter how hard the snow comes down or how far below freezing the temperature gets, you can still look amazing and feel extra toasty with these pieces to pair with snow boots!

1. With Insulated Jeans

Cozy Flannel Jeans

Flannel-Lined Jeans, $59.95,

Flannel lined jeans feel straight up like a snuggie and will slip easily into your boots.

Classic Black Jeans

Black Heattech, $49.50,

These super chic heat tech jeans are skinny cut so you can easily rock them with snow boots. You could even layer them with one a pair of the to stay super comfy.

2. With Thermal Leggings

Chill Printed Leggings

Printed Thermal, $58.50,

Printed thermals are a great change of pace from solid colors, and with so many options out there, you're bound to find a style that complements your snow boots.

Opaque Black Leggings (Plus)

Opaque Black, $21,

Black is always my favorite go-to, and these opaque thermals are a perfect option no matter what your boots look like.

3. With Mini Skirts And Knee-Highs

Super Mini Skirt

Fleece Mini, $29.90,

This mini is fleece-lined and woven with down. Adding boots gives you a fun and bold snow bunny look.

Cable Knee Highs

Cable Knit, $14,

Don't forget to add knee highs with your boots and mini skirt so your calves don't freeze!

4. With Opaque Tights

Color Pop Opaque Tights

Super Opaque Tight, $25,

If your snow boots are a solid color like black or brown, adding a burst of brightness with your tights is a great way to make your outfit stand out.

Opaque Neutral Tights (Plus Available)

Opaque Neutral Tights, $15,

On the other hand, if your snow boots are full of intense colors, consider pairing with a sexy and cozy pair of opaque tights in a warm neutral tone.

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