Commute In Style With Amazing Travel Accessories

Travelling home for the holidays can be both exciting and tedious; you're looking forward to seeing your loved ones and the comforts of your family home, yet journeys can be unpredictable. To make your travels a little less laborious, invest in some beautiful travel accessories so you can journey home in style. Embarking home for the holidays can seem like a perilous quest – whether going by public transportation or car, it never seems to go as smoothly as it should.

When I was at university, I was about six hours away from my hometown and I could travel home via train or car. Even though I don't mind traveling, the journey never seemed to go off completely without a hitch. I used to love the train journeys, as I always sat at a table so I could spread out my belongings and stretch out my legs if there was nobody sitting opposite me. However, I did not enjoy the changes between trains, including what seemed like endless waiting periods in between and of course, the dreaded delays. It's all worth it in the end though, so whatever happens sit tight and show off your personal style with delightful travel accessories.

1. The Ticket Holder

Billie And Friends Ticket Holder, $10,

Keep tabs on your travel tickets with a lovely ticket holder such as this cutesy canine design.

2. The Personal Luggage Tag

Alphabet Metallic Embroidered Luggage Tag Letter A (ATRA,) $12.32,

Make sure you can easily recognize your suitcase with a beautiful luggage tag containing the initial of your first name; there'll be no more mixups at the airport.

3. The Elegant Travel Wallet

Mickel Color Block Leather Travel Wallet, $149,

Keep all of your travel documents in order with a sophisticated travel wallet.

4. The Glittering Tech Case

Kate Spade New York Glitter Bug Folio iPad Mini Case, $42,

You're bound to need some entertainment on your travels, so keep your tech protected and glamorous with a glittering, festive case.

5. The Pretty Passport Holder

Provence Rose Passport Holder, $13,

Let's face it, passports aren't the most exciting documents, so why not jazz your passport up a bit with a pretty, patterned cover?

6. The Makeup Brush Travel Set

Sigma Beauty Travel Set, $86,

This set of 7 travel size brushes is perfect for the beauty babe on the go. It contains an array of brushes packed into a neat container, so it won't take up too much room in your handbag.

7. The Business Card Holder

Lulu Guinness Lips Card Holder, $81,

There's no telling who you're going to meet on your travels; it could be an old flame you wish to reignite with, a celebrity or creative whose work you admire, or even a potential employer. So have some business cards containing your contact details stashed neatly away in a card holder, for those moments of serendipity.

8. The Whimsical Travel Wallet

See to Shining Sea Travel Wallet, $44.99,

If your heart is bursting with wanderlust, this whimsical travel wallet may just inspire your next adventure with its adorable design.

9. The Roll Up Cosmetics Case

Park Rose Cosmetic Roll Case, $36,

Luggage space may be at a premium to you as your suitcase may be stuffed with gifts for your loved ones or multiple dresses which you know you won't get around to wearing, but you want to bring them along just in case. If that sounds like your situation, pop your cosmetics into a roll case to save on luggage space.

10. The Novelty Travel Pillow

Bear You’ve Been Travel Pillow, $29.99,

This travel pillow is un-bear-ably cute. It will help you have some sweet dreams or be an awesome talking point between you and your seat neighbors!

11. The Biodegradable Toothbrush

Got Wood Toothbrush, $6,

Sometimes when you're travelling, you get to a certain point where you feel more than a little icky – like when Princess Bala from Antz describes herself as "Schlumpy" after travelling – and a freshen up is in order. This biodegradable bamboo toothbrush should help you get a clean mouth in no time.

12. The Vintage Hat Box

Vintage Travins Red Hat Box, $33.95,

This sweet scarlet hat box is sure to make a very vintage fashion statement when you're on your travels. Plus it's in a wonderful festively appropriate shade.

13. The Chic Computer Case

Kate Spade New York Classic Nylon Commuter 13" Computer Case, $168,

You might want to take your laptop home for the holidays, so if you're bringing your computer on your commute, you'll need a secure yet stylish bag in which to carry it.

Prepare for your personal adventure home for the holidays with some delightful accessories as your travel companions!

Images: Courtesy Brands