Rita Ora Recreates 'Mean Girls' Dance Scene For 'LOVE' Magazine, & It's Spot On — VIDEO

There are countless ways to celebrate Christmas, but Rita Ora dancing to "Jingle Bell Rock" from Mean Girls is unexpected and wonderful at the same time. The singer recreated the famous scene from the classic teen film for LOVE magazine's 2015 Advent Calendar. Ora's Mean Girls homage is the twelfth video released from the series that has already featured Kendall Jenner in a shark costume and her mother Kris Jenner swimming to "Trap Queen."

Ora's contribution to LOVE's Advent Calendar is a black-and-white clip that shows her in a Santa Claus-inspired dress and a pair of black heels with a paisley design. The pop star turns on a boombox and starts dancing along to "Jingle Bell Rock" until she accidentally kicks the radio. The music stops playing, but Ora proceeds to sing the rest of the chorus. It's an almost shot-by-shot recreation of a scene from the 2004 film Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Tina Fey (who also wrote the hilarious screenplay).

If you don't know, Mean Girls follows Cady Heron (played by Lohan), a home-schooled teen who attends public school for the first time and ends up joining the clique called The Plastics. One of the film's most memorable scenes is when the popular foursome performs the holiday song "Jingle Bell Rock" for the winter talent show.


It's hard to top such an iconic scene, but Ora does her best to imitate The Plastics, right down to the "sexy Santa" costume.

She also nailed the awkward dance moves (cue Regina George and company's "Jingle Bell Rock" choreography).

Ora even did that slightly suggestive and high-school-talent-show-inappropriate thigh slap.

Those shoes tho. Swoon.

And her hair and makeup were flawless as always.

Watch Rita Ora performing "Jingle Bell Rock" for Love magazine's Advent Calendar below.

LOVE Magazine on YouTube

Jingle bell time truly is a swell time.

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