15 Dragon Fashions To Channel Dany's Children

Since watching Daenerys Targaryen walk out of the ashes of her husband's funeral pyre accompanied by three hatchlings, I have adored the Mother Of Dragons. And seeing the little cherubs grow over the years has actually made me want to learn to dress like Daenerys Targaryen's dragons. Believe it or not, this is actually quite possible due to a rise in magical dragon-inspired fashions. Personally, I've always admired Ms. Targaryen herself, since her days as Khaleesi and even as far back as when she was plain, old Dany. As the GoT plot line has progressed and Daenerys' character has developed and gained a plethora of intricate names, I would actually count her as one of my main fictional role models.

But as Daenerys has evolved, so too have her dragons; growing from the size of cats to gigantic, reptilian beasts she can fly on. Their personalities have also come into the spotlight, with Drogon being the obvious alpha dragon — more vicious, powerful, and independent than his clutch mates. In order to pay homage to her "children" and the Targaryen sigil, Daenerys wears dragon-inspired fashion as well. But Game Of Thrones isn't the only series making references to dragons via the medium of clothing. The How To Train Your Dragon movie series contains dragon-inspired styles as seen on the main characters, particularly in Hiccup's scaly leathers in How To Train Your Dragon 2.

So channel these beautiful, legendary creatures in dragon style fashion and accessories.

1. The Viserion Dress

Viserion is named after Dany's despicable brother Viserys Targaryen, whom Khal Drogo killed off with a molten gold crown. It's no wonder that Daenerys named this cream and white dragon with gold markings after her brother, considering his cause of death.

Premium Plunge Embellished Bodycon Dress Cream, $204,

This plunging bodycon dress in cream with golden sequins is definitely something Viserion would wear if he took a female human form.

ASOS Curve Red Carpet Midi Dress With Grid Sequins, $215,

This light-colored dress, embellished with sequins and flaunting wing style sleeves, is a must for any Viserion fan.

2. The Rhaegal Dress

Rhaegal is named for Daenerys' brother Rhaegar Targaryen, who died before she was born. Rhaegal is, IMO, the stereotypical image of a dragon. He is mostly a vivid green hue with yellowy orange wings.

Deep V-Plunge Sequin Dress, $115,

This reptilian-esque, green sequined dress would be a wonderful frock for an aspiring Rhaegal.

ASOS Curve Festival Sequin Dress with Fringing, $46.50,

You can look ravishing in a shimmery green dress that replicates Rhaegal's scaly hide.

3. The Drogon Dress

Daenerys named Drogon after her deceased husband Khal Drogo. It appears Drogon inherited not only Khal Drogo's name, but also his fighting spirit. Drogon is the most aggressive dragon, yet he is still protective of his mother, which was proven when he rescued her at the end of Season 5. He is black all over with red highlights in his wings and in some of his scales.

Diane Sequin And Beaded Woven Slip Dress, $14,

The red sequins on this dress meld so seamlessly into the black material, just like Drogon's red and black scales.

Plus Claire Sequin Shift Dress, $52,

This swirling, black sequin patterned shift dress makes a nod towards Drogon's coloring and the billowing smoke left after the wrath of his flames.

4. The Dragon Skin Sweater

Noisy May Scale Detail Sweat, $61,

This beautiful sweater has totally nailed the texture of dragon hide.

5. The Dragon Shoulder Pads

Bronze Scale Mail Spaulders, $72.83,

Wear these armor-esque shoulder pads with your dress for a decadent dragon-inspired edge.

6. The Dragon Barrette

Dragons French Barrette, $24,

Give yourself a fierce hairstyle with a dragon-embellished barrette.

7. The Drogon Egg Vegas Suit

Drogon Dragon Egg Vegas Suit, $95,

Based on the pattern of Drogon's egg, this bodysuit is sure to make you look like a real firecracker at a special occasion or while sunbathing by the pool.

8. The Prosthetic Spikes

Special Effects Prosthetic — Dragon Spikes "Awakening the Dragon," $38.34,

If you want to add a hyper-realistic element to your ensemble, you're going to need some of these awesome prosthetic dragon spikes.

9. The Sophisticated Scaly Style Dress

Lovedrobe Sequin Tunic, $124.99,

This plus size sequin tunic makes a modest nod towards our scaly friends.

10. The Drogon Bracelet

Icon Brand Dragon Fire Metal Bracelet, $27,

If you fancy a little flourish of dragon-inspired fashion, this subtle bracelet will do just the trick.

11. The Dragon Scale Gloves

Dragon Scale Gloves, $46.80,

These handmade dragon scale gloves come in a range of colors, so you can channel your favorite GoT dragon or pick a different shade entirely.

12. The Shimmering Sequin Jacket

Feather Sequin Jacket, $150,

Channel the majestic demeanor of Dany's dragons in this luxurious feather sequin jacket.

13. The Rhaegal Dragon Egg Leggings

Rhaegal Dragon Egg HWMF Leggings, $80,

Look totally magical in a pair of leggings with Rhaegal's egg pattern on them.

14. The Drogon Wings

Custom Deluxe Dragon Wings, $145,

Go big or go home like Drogon in a pair of dragon wings, which would be perfect for a costume party or Halloween. If Drogon's not your fave dragon, you can customize the wing colors to have them looking just as you wish.

15. The Scaly Viserion Shoes

Bow'n Places Heel In Dove Grey, $129.99,

Look like a dragon from head to toe in a pair of scaly shoes in Viserion's coloring.

All that's left to do is pick your favorite Game Of Thrones dragon and you'll be the most enchanting human outside of Westeros.

Images: HBO (1); Giphy (3); Courtesy Brands