9 Sui He Beauty Tips To Learn From Her Instagram, So Get Ready To Take Notes — PHOTOS

You probably recognize Sui He from the not one, not two, but five times she's appeared on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway. The Chinese-born model is a fixture at the annual VS show, but she's also a Vogue favorite and Fashion Week regular. Like most models, she's all about her Instagram profile, and it shows some amazing behind-the-scenes pics from her life as a jet-setting model. Here are some of Sui He's best beauty tips that I learned from her Instagram, in case you're dying to copy her as much as I am. After all, she's not only stunning, she also knows what she's doing — He is the face of Japanese skincare brand Shiseido, so you know she's all about the beauty products.

He, who's originally from Wenzhou, China, has made waves as one of the first East Asian models to break into the international fashion industry. She's known for her flowing black hair, adorable dimples, and seriously enviable skin. I swear, she literally has no pores. If you're dying to figure out her beauty secrets as much as I am, you're in luck. He is all about the Instagram selfie, and it's a great way to showcase her beauty looks. Not to mention she occasionally posts her favorite products as well. Here are nine of the best beauty lessons to learn from her Instagram.

1. Find a classic look that works for you

Notice a trend here? These pictures, all posted on different occasions, have three things in common. Groomed brows, subtle black eyeliner and soft pink lipgloss. He clearly has a class look that works for her, and I absolutely adore it. Also, props for rocking a fun hair accessory.

2. Don't be afraid to rock bold shadow

Yes, He tends to stick to more neutral eye makeup in her day-to-day life. But I love this bold purple shadow, and with neutral lips, it's unexpectedly bold.

3. Never underestimate the power of groomed brows

He's brows are naturally full and dark (SO jealous), but I love how groomed they look in this pic. Fill in and shape your brows when you want to look polished.

4. Switch up your part on formal occasions

He normally wears her hair down and center-parted, which looks amazing on her. But the deep side part and sleek updo she's rocking in the second photograph scream "special occasion." If you normally center part your hair, switch it up the next time you head out to dinner. Or, if you're a side-part diehard, try a middle part sometime.

5. Always prioritize good hygiene

I love the caption of this first Instagram, which says "Going to wash face now" (with a couple of cat emojis for good measure). Even after a long day wearing makeup, He prioritizes washing her face and brushing her teeth. It's so important to wash off your makeup every night, and she clearly understands that.

6. Take good care of your skin

Models like He spend all day wearing makeup, so it's important to properly hydrate and care for skin afterward. Even normal people like us need to prioritize skincare (I'm wearing a hydrating mask as I type this).

7. Find a brand that works for you

I'm all for mixing high and low-end beauty products. Although I splurge occasionally, 90 percent of my beauty products come from the drugstore, and I'm totally okay with that. Over the years, I've learned which products work for me and my skin. He is the same way. Even though she's worked with Shiseido for years, she's clearly also a major fan of their products.

8. Don't be afraid of using color to brighten your face

Although He tends to stick to neutral colors, she's clearly aware you need to step up your game when you're appearing on television. I love her bright pink blush and the bold lipstick colors she wore when she was a judge on China's Next Top Model.

9. When in doubt, trust a professional

Yes, it's her job to look gorgeous in front of cameras. But this Instagram He posted reminded me of how much confidence a great blowout or makeup application at Sephora can give you. Relaxing while someone else does your hair and makeup is a treat, and it's one you should splurge on occasionally.

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