Michelle Obama Should Gift The President These 7 Workout Items For Christmas

When you're shopping for the President of the United States, I can only imagine that it's tough to find the right gift. Michelle Obama's Christmas gift for POTUS is actually pretty smart. Without giving away exactly what he'll be getting, the First Lady shared that she's getting President Obama workout gear for the holidays during a visit to the Children's Medical Center, according to InStyle. The idea is pretty genius if you ask me, but apparently the little kid who asked what she was getting the President wasn't too impressed.

Think about it for a second — workout gear is one thing that many of us hate buying for ourselves, but it's also really important. Obama might be a little ahead of the game by planning for her husband's post-presidency hobbies, but fitness is something that will benefit the entire family, so kudos to her for encouraging her loved ones to get active. I can only imagine that POTUS will be getting the coolest fitness gear around, because his wife has killer taste.

While on her Christmas visit to the Center, the First Lady also revealed what's on Sasha and Malia's holiday wish list. Unlike every other kid in America who wants a hoverboard this year, the girls just asked for cash and mac and cheese. Totally normal.

If President Obama is getting workout gear this year, you know it'll be the best there is. FLOTUS has gym skills and style, so you know she's going to hook her husband up when it comes to athletic wear. Here are a few pieces that are fit for the president.

1. Yeezy Boosts

If Obama is looking for something sleek and stylish for the president, then the new black Yeezy 750 Boosts are the winners. I'm sure Kanye would give President Obama the hook up if he needed a pair.

2. Superhero Tank

Superobama Tank, Spread Shirt, $23

What better way to get through your workout than with a t-shirt of yourself as a superhero?

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Obama Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Cafe Press, $23

There will never be any confusion about which water bottle is his!

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

QuietComfort Headphones, Bose, $270

I can only imagine that President Obama has people asking him questions all day, every day. It makes sense that he'd want to work out with some noise-canceling headphones to truly get his zen on.

5. Gym Hat

President Obama Cap, Cafe Press, $14

A good gym hat can hold back all the sweat and make you feel like you're in your own little world. I'm sure the President would love a punny one with his name on it.

6. American Flag Socks

American Flag Socks, Yo Sox, $10

It's his duty to stay patriotic — even at the gym.

7. Fitness Tracker

Up2 Activity Tracker, Jawbone, $99

This fitness tracker will blend in with his watch and won't be too distracting.

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