I Wore Glasses Instead Of Contacts For A Whole Week & This Is What Happened

I started needing glasses sometime in the sixth grade, and I hated them. When I was finally allowed to get contacts in the eighth grade, I never looked back. But I won't lie that I was pretty curious when my editor asked me to break out my trusty spectacles full-time for an entire week. I mean, how different would it really be to exchange my contact lenses for glasses? I don't have those middle school insecurities anymore, and it's not like I never wear glasses anymore either. On particularly lazy days when I simply can't be bothered to even change out of my pajamas, or if I catch a cold (contact wearers: Please don't wear your contacts when you're sick) I'll stick with my glasses. But honestly, those days are few and far between.

So for the past seven days, my contacts have been shut away in a drawer, and my glasses (the same pair I have occasionally rocked for over a decade) came out of hiding. Together we stayed in, we went out, we dressed up, and we even tried to work out. And honestly, I have some mixed feelings about the time we spent together. I'm actually still wearing my glasses right now, and I'm neither in my pajamas nor am I sick. But will I be wearing them to a holiday party tomorrow? I strongly doubt it. Here's what we went through this past week; the good, the bad, and the rather annoying.

Day 1: Lazy Day

My glasses and I took it easy day one. I didn't go anywhere, and I really didn't do much either. This was the most familiar feeling as I usually only wear glasses on days I stay inside. On the plus-side, when I was sitting or standing, I didn't really notice them and they were comfortable. But when I tried to lie down on the couch and watch a movie, I remembered that with glasses, you can really only lie on your back. So much for getting snuggly.

Day 2: Makeup + Glasses

Because I rarely wear makeup when I wear glasses, I had to re-learn what works. But for this first day, I went with the trusty formula of winged liner, bold brows, and a bright lip. While I felt just as confident going out with glasses as I do with contacts, my one gripe was with the nose pads. They seemed to trap oil and push around my foundation, so that when I took my glasses off, I had these two, obvious spots of cakey foundation on either side of my nose. Not cute.

Day 3: Running Errands

Ah, yes. I'd forgotten what it's like to have to drive in the bright sunshine sans sunglasses. And no, the visor really doesn't help much. The glare is just too powerful. I don't have prescription sunglasses or any of those clip-on shades, so if I can help it, any future driving on sunny days will be done with contacts.

Day 4: Working Out

OK glasses-wearers: If you have any tips for working out as a four eyes, please share your secrets. I did a little cardio and a little yoga this day, and neither went smoothly. High-knees had my glasses bouncing up and down on my nose, while Downward Dog had gravity trying to steal them. And as soon as I became a little sweaty, there wasn't enough friction to keep my glasses from sliding off my nose. The only solutions I currently see are to either always wear contacts while working out, or commit to blurry yoga.

Day 5: Birthday Party

I love a good ol' surprise birthday party, but I wasn't feeling entirely up to it while I was getting ready at home. I have nothing against wearing glasses to a party. But I think because I only ever wear mine when I'm home sick or home being lazy, they just didn't seem to go with my party face. It basically had the opposite effect of taking a shot of espresso before you head out. Of course, once I was there, I totally forgot I had them on. And in case you were wondering, my eyes didn't feel nearly as dry after drinking as they tend to when I wear contacts.

Day 6: Walk In The Park

By day six, I honestly forgot that contacts were even an option. I just automatically reached for my glasses. Once we arrived at the park, the thought that I would be more comfortable without anything on my face did cross my mind. But it passed pretty quickly, and I didn't wish for my contacts the rest of the day.

Day 7: The Routine

My favorite part about wearing glasses all week was getting ready for bed. I have a pretty lengthy nighttime routine, and even though removing contacts really only takes about 20 seconds, it can feel like five minutes. Somehow, not having to insert and remove contacts every morning and night felt like I had so much more time to get ready. And having one less obstacle between me and my bed is something I can totally get behind.


I have to admit I'm torn. While wearing glasses, I found something to complain about everyday. (I can't wear a headband with them, they fog up when I make tea, my peripheral vision is sh*t, puppy kisses smear the lenses, etc.) Yet, for all of my whining, when my seven days were up, I still didn't go back to contacts. The ease and convenience of not having to mess around with sticking tiny, soft discs in my eyes was too good for the lazy girl in me to resist. While I still probably won't be running errands or working out in my glasses anytime soon, I did learn that I'm comfortable wearing them in situations other than lying sick on the couch. Maybe glasses aren't so bad after all.

Images: Miki Hayes