27 Times 'Pretty Little Liars' Aria Montgomery Was You During A Tough Breakup

Have you ever watched Pretty Little Liars and thought to yourself "that's so me" during one of the pivotal scenes? Most of us faithful viewers have had this thought a few times. You may not be able to completely relate to insanely beautiful high school girls being cyber stalked and kidnapped by an anonymous enemy, but there's still something to connect with when it comes to each of the characters and the things they go through — and especially when it comes to love and loss. Aside from the sensational A mystery, the real core of the show is its romantic relationships. For instance, there have probably been plenty of times when you were PLL's Aria Montogmery during a breakup. From the denial to the ugly crying to the missed calls and everything in between, Aria definitely understands what it's like to get your heart broken.

You may not admit it publicly, but if you've ever had a tough breakup, all of the Aria moments below should seem pretty familiar to you. Aria has shown us PLL fans that no one is alone when it comes to the roller coaster of emotions that we go through during a breakup. She really gets it.

1. When You First Break Up

You just ended your relationship, why would you want to hug this person? Then again, why wouldn't you take the opportunity? I mean, it could be the last time you see each other. It is just so awkward though.

2. When The Memories Hit You

There was probably a good reason for ending the relationship, but you can't help it when every great time that ever happened crosses your mind. It's normal to sentimentalize any relationship after it's done.

3. When You Pretend You're Fine

Everyone has been there. You try to act like everything is OK and plaster a smile on your face so no one thinks you're falling apart, but you're not fooling anyone.

4. When You Realize It's Real

You may not be OK with the demise of your relationship, but at least now you can admit that it's true. You're single and your relationship is really over.

5. When You Drunk Text Your Ex

You don't know how to go from talking to someone every day to not speaking at all and that thought really hits you when you're wasted. So what do you do? Send a drunk text, of course! This can range from innocently starting up a conversation to bringing up everything he ever did to annoy you. No matter what you say, it never feels good to have this kind of communication the next day.

6. When You Follow Up An Embarrassing Text With An Embarrassing Apology

You might be feeling some lingering embarrassment from the last time you tried to reach out to an ex, or maybe you're just looking for an excuse to talk, but for some reason you think the best way to recover from sending that text is to send another. And once again, you are left feeling mortified and far from cool.

7. When You Try To Convince Yourself That They Want You Back

You wonder if there's a reason they're acting a certain way. Could they be hiding away from some emotions? Could this all be some kind of ruse to disguise that they want you back? Or is this all in your own head?

8. When They Come Crawling Back To You

You've been grieving this breakup and now you hear what you've wanted to hear this whole time: They want you back. Now what do you do?

9. When A Drunk Call Comes Your Way

This is one of the best/worst things that could ever happen to you during a breakup recovery. On one hand, you are happy that your ex is reaching out to you. On the side of things, you can't help being offended that they're not sober. Once again, you don't know what to make of the situation.

10. When You Want To Be Fierce In Response To Drunk Texts

You wish that you could just shut down the conversation with a simple "OK... bye," but there's no way.You just don't have it in you when you still care so much.

11. When You Find Their Stuff At Your Place

You were finally doing OK. You haven't reached out in a while and your ex stopped consuming your thoughts. Then you find an old T-shirt in the laundry and a flood of happy memories start coming back to haunt you.

12. When You Reach Out "One Last Time"

You swore you were done with this and then you decided that you can't live without this person so you decide to make one last effort, one romantic gesture to get your relationship back. And it blows up in your face.

13. When You Hit Rock Bottom & Stop Showering

You've been over it and back 20 million times by now, but when it comes down to it you are sad about the demise of your relationship. What's the point of showering when you're just crying by yourself?

14. When You Snap Out Of Your Funk

Maybe you took your dwelling a little too far and got caught up in your emotions, but you're OK now. You're ready to move forward.

15. When You Start To Regain Confidence In Yourself

We've all given ourselves a pep talk from time to time. Sometimes you need to be your own number one supporter.

16. When Your Ex Gets With Someone Else

Once again, you thought you were fine and then you see some PDA-heavy selfie with your ex and another girl. You try to convince yourself that she means nothing and that you will always know them best.

17. When You Are Still Not Over It

You cannot believe that you are still upset over this breakup and wonder why there isn't a statute of limitations on emotions while you cry harder than ever.

18. When You Try To Distract Yourself From Your Feelings

Some people hit the gym to get through a breakup, others sit on their couch for days on end, and some people dive into a new hobby. You're just doing what you can to occupy yourself during this annoyingly tough time.

19. When They Pop Up In Your Texts

You are so over it, but then your ex hits you up out of nowhere and you are no longer playing it cool. Do you respond? What do you say? God, this is confusing.

20. When You Start Texting Again, But Hide It From The Squad

"What text?" you ask as you look away from your own phone in your hands in front of your friends. You and your ex started talking again and you know that no one is going to approve, but you keep going with it anyway.

21. When You Realize That The Chemistry Is Still There

Whether you had an unbelievable text conversation or ran into each other at the bar, you realize that there is still such a strong spark between you two and you can't stop thinking about it.

22. When You Fall Back Into Old Habits

This doesn't happen with every breakup, but it probably does happen more than people are willing to admit. You are only human, after all.

23. When You Realize You Are Not Getting Back Together... For Real This Time

You reunion was short-lived and now you feel even worse than before. Why did you do that!? Ugh.

24. When You Ignore Them In Public

Sure, it's childish, but it's not your fault that they exist. Why are they at the same bar as you anyway?

25. When You Find The Will Power To Ignore Their Calls

They can't believe that you resisted them and neither can you in all honesty. You feel good about your restraint and what to keep it going, so you hit "decline" when that hotline blings.

26. When Your Friend Mentions Your Ex Out Of Nowhere

How does she not get it? The only time you two can talk about the dreaded ex is when you bring them up, not her. So you roll your eyes and change the subject.

27. When You Realize That It's OK To Be Single

Not only do you know that it's OK to be single, but it can actually be pretty great. The only person who can complete you is you. And once you realize that, you start having fun whenever you can. You forgot all about that ex... almost anyway.

Pretty Little Liars can be a pretty sensational show at times, but we can all relate to the characters when it comes down to it. It's just nice to know that we are not the only ones who go through such a wide range of emotions. Thank you, Aria.

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