Where To Buy Tom Ford's Drake Lipstick

by Ashley Berg

If you wanted to get your hands on the Tom Ford "Drake" lipstick shade you're probably not having much luck at the moment. The popular color is sold out on Net-a-Porter, the Tom Ford website, at Nordstrom, and at the Tom Ford boutiques in New York and Chicago, according to reports. Now, if you're seriously desperate to get your hands on this color as soon as possible, you do have a few options. If price isn't a question and Drake is all you can ever think about, you can buy the Tom Ford Drake lipstick right now.

If you don't already know, Tom Ford's "Lips & Boys" lipstick collection included this shade named after a certain well-known rapper. Fans went crazy trying to buy any or all lipsticks from the collection, but the most sought after one was Drake, a shimmering deep purple lipstick that sold out within minutes, according to reports.

If all you've been asking for is the new Drake hue, you do have a few options. However, they do come at a high cost — but hey, can you really put a price on Drake?

If you're a huge Tom Ford fan, you could always opt for the entire "Lips & Boys" collection boxed set. The 50-piece collection is still available at Saks Fifth Avenue for a whopping $1,950. If you think about it, that's $39 per lipstick, so really not a terrible value. If that ever sells out, well, someone is already selling the entire lipstick range on eBay for $2387.95.

Tom Ford Drake Lipstick, Net-A-Porter, $35

If you really want just that one singular shade, there are a few sellers on eBay offering the lipstick. You can find Drake lipstick for sale starting at $88.70 on eBay, going up to $225 per lipstick. So, you would be paying a bit more for the lipstick, but it's nothing like the astronomical prices that the Kylie Jenner lip kit was going for just last week.

If you're not about to drop some extra cash on the shade, maybe try prayingfor a restock of the amazing color.

Image: Courtesy Brand