11 Black Boots For An Aspiring Mrs. Claus This Holiday Season — PHOTOS

Mrs. Claus is an unsung heroine of Christmas and a total style icon. She works in the background, likely getting on with all of the nitty gritty jobs throughout the year while Santa prepares for his annual trip. So what better time than the holidays to wear long black boots that channel the cheery matriarch herself? That being said, you may want to bring her style up to date for 2016.

You might not realize this, but Santa's wife is one cool gal. She was recently spotted with her husband at Taylor Swift's Christmas-themed birthday party, sporting her usual traditional attire. But in order to revamp her old school ensemble, we need to take a look at some more modern versions of Mrs. Claus. In 2004, we saw the Plastics in their rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock," wearing calf-hugging black boots with pointed toes and kitten heels to accompany their rather racy Mrs. Claus-inspired outfits. And around this time last year, Lizzy Jagger was filmed by Doug Inglish for LOVE Magazine’s 2014 interactive advent calendar. Jagger wore a scarlet dress, plus black knee high socks and heels that were, IMO, definitely a nod towards Mrs. Claus’ shoes.

So here's a selection of beautiful black boots with which to put your own spin on Mrs. Claus' classic look.

1. The Classic Black Boots

Original Refined Gloss Rain Boot, $165, H unter Boots

These Wellington boots would be perfect for accompanying Santa on a trip around the world to deliver presents. They'd withstand snow, wind, and rain and possibly even an encounter with some reindeer poop.

2. The Buckled Boots

Legroom Boots EEE Fit Extra Curvy Plus, $145, Simply Be

A traditional buckled pair would go down a treat in the toy workshop, or even in an office for your holiday party.

3. The Over The Knee Boots

Daisy Street Black Block Heel Over The Knee Boots, $81, ASOS

In addition to looking fashionable in a pair of on-trend over the knee boots, you'll be able to withstand the freezing temperatures at the North Pole, or wherever you may live.

4. The Easy Access Zip Boots

Buckle Wide Cuff Tall Boots (Wide Width & Wide Calf,) $73, Torrid

Just because the legend of Santa and Mrs. Claus dates back many years doesn't mean you have to stay stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to fashion. Pick a pair of zip-up boots that are easy to remove after a hard day's work of compiling your naughty and nice lists.

5. The Sophisticated Style

Guess Footwear Saffron 2 — Black Multi LL, $175, Heels

Is Santa taking you somewhere swanky for a pre-Christmas dinner? If so, you'll be needing these sophisticated boots featuring a statement buckle.

6. The Riding Boot

Sole Diva Boots Curvy Plus EEE, $98, Simply Be

You're going to require a sturdy pair of riding boots, just in case you need to wrangle up any reindeer during the holidays.

7. The Badass Biker Boots

Mojo Moxy Rocket — Black, $91, Heels

Just like the real Mrs. Claus, you may also be a boss. If that's the case, dress the part and wear a pair of no-nonsense boots to help you keep your staff (or elves) in line until the holidays.

8. The Lace-Up Boots

Lace Up Tall Riding Boots (Wide Width & Wide Calf,) $73, Torrid

Lace-up boots are great for keeping out the chill and staying put on your feet during winter weather, or while you're flying through the air on Santa's sleigh. You don't want to lose your footwear, now do you?

9. The Sparkly Sequin Boots

Liliana Glimmerati — Black, $90, Heels

When you're embarking on a night out with the girls, you'll need a pair of sparkly, festive boots.

10. The Peep Toe Pair

Peep Toe Knee Boots (Wide Width & Wide Calf,) $73, Torrid

Pair these lovely peep toe boots with a fabulous frock for a festively feminine ensemble. Don't forget to paint your toenails red.

11. The Little Rain Boots

Jessica Simpson Raila — Black Shiny Rubber, $67, Heels

On milder days when it's a tad muggy outside, you may not need a tall pair of boots. Due to the wintry weather, there's a chance it could still rain. So prepare yourself in a pair of cute, black rain boots.

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas this year, you'll most definitely need a pair of boots in your arsenal. So go all out and embrace the season with a pair of boots Mrs. Claus would be proud of.

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Images: northcharleston/Flickr; Courtesy Brands