Kylie's Ready For Christmas In This Festive Photo

Kris Jenner goes does it up in a major way this time of year. I mean, she has multiple trees, an elaborate holiday card... you get the idea. Well, like mother, like daughter! Kylie Jenner is all decked out for Christmas in a recent Instagram post, because clearly, the ornament didn’t fall too far from the tree (like what I did there?).

Jenner wore a festive one-piece and posing in front of her lovely decorated tree, once again, following her mom’s lead because the elder KJ did the exact same thing just a day ago. Albeit, her daughter’s onesie is more appropriate for the season, so I’m dubbing the youngest Jenner as the winner of this Christmas battle. I mean, even her dog is wearing a sweater in the photo, so clearly, she’s completely holiday-ready. Even down to what her dog is wearing.

This isn’t the first time Jenner’s taken to Instagram to show off her holiday spirit, either. From dying her hair green only shortly after Thanksgiving to going all Santa-chic on us, this gal couldn’t be more ready for Christmas. See her latest festive photo along with six other times her Insta’s been your advent calendar. Because I’m with Jenner — just counting down the days, you know?

She's got this holiday thing on lock.

1. All-White Party Dress

She's fresh as snow and ready for a holiday party in this ensemble.

2. Snuggly Mornings

All she needs now are the presents.

3. Santa Baby

She looks amazing while posing in Santa's sleigh.

4. Dinner Parties

Doesn't she make an excellent hostess? She got it from her mama, I'm sure.

5. Jenner's Sleigh

Leave it to her to have her very own Rudolph, you know?

6. Holiday Green

Dying your hair dark green for Xmas? Now, that's dedication.

Where are you Christmas? Because Kylie's ready for you!

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