This Is How You Can Stream Taylor Swift's Concert

In your wildest dreams did you ever imagine you would be able to stream a Taylor Swift concert for free? Probably not — but this is reality, friends, and the future is now. On Dec. 20, it will be possible! But, as a dedicated fan, you might be wondering how to stream Taylor Swift's concert — and, if you are, well, I'm so glad you asked.

Swift and Apple have teamed up to bring you Swift's The 1989 World Tour LIVE on Dec. 20. Filmed on Nov. 28 in Sydney, Australia, the concert will feature all of the songs from Swift's 1989 album. Yes, that totally means you can watch Swift slay "Bad Blood" on stage from the comfort of your bed (although, let's be real, you know you will totally be jumping up and down and singing along like you were actually there). The concert will also feature special celebrity guests including Justin Timberlake, Mick Jagger, and Kobe Bryant. Are you freaking out yet? You're probably freaking out, but try to remain calm long enough to get the all of the crucial information on how this concert streaming thing will work.

The only way to stream the concert (which will not be available to purchase) is to watch it via Apple Music. If you are not familiar with Apple's streaming service, here's how it works: With a subscription (it's easy to sign up for), the concert will be available. To make it even simpler: If you're not already subscribed and haven't subscribed before, Apple Music offers users the opportunity to sign up for a free three-month trial at any time. In other words, get the to the sign up page now!

Trust me, Swift fans, it will be super worth it. Remember the part where she is performing the entire 1989 album? You do not want to miss out on this.

Yep, Swift and Apple music are totally my favorite new BFFs now.

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