Is Alistair Lacey Liam & Eleanor's Father On 'The Royals'? He's Still Alive & Could Provide Answers

Mere moments into the Dec. 20 episode of The Royals, the actual fate of Queen Helena's lover was revealed. Turns out, Alistair Lacey is alive on The Royals, which really shouldn't be shocking to viewers of the E! show, which loves its twists and turns. And now that Lacey is still alive, he may be able to give some insight into who Liam and Eleanor's dad is.

After finding out Lacey was dead in the Dec. 13 episode, Helena decided to pay a visit to her dead lover's house, complete with flowers. Before she could even settle in to mourn though, Lacey appeared almost instantly, and at first, I thought he could be just a vision. (I mean, head of palace security Ted Pryce has been seeing his dead wife, so it's not out of the question.) But lo and behold, it was the war hero in flesh and blood, and he was pissed at Helena for "dragging Henry's name through the mud," when she claimed that the dead soldier was the father of her twins.

The Royals didn't delve into the details of how Lacey escaped the gunshots ordered by Cyrus and Lucius (he was "prepared") and so the focus moved to who actually is the father of Liam and Eleanor. Eleanor and Liam were celebrating a birthday in "Doubt Truth to be a Liar" and Lacey wanted to know if Helena's children were his. Helena, with rare sincerity said, "In all truthfulness, I don't know if the kids are yours. ... I promise I won't ever lie to you again."

He cut his hand and gave Helena the bloody handkerchief and asked her to get a DNA test. Since Helena and Lacey were having an affair for 30 years, it wouldn't be out of the question that Eleanor and Liam are really his children and not Simon's, and Lacey told Helena he will probably only see her again if the children are his.

While having Lacey around provides Elizabeth Hurley's character with some juicy romance, I still want Eleanor and Liam's father to be the deceased Simon. Not only would it help the prince and princess with their mental health since that's the man they grew up believing was their father (particularly poor Eleanor who found out about Mandy/Samantha's betrayal), it would also mean that they both would have a legitimate claim to the throne. And Liam would rightfully take the throne from Cyrus. Liam may not be the best king in England's history, but he'd be a helluva lot better than Cyrus.

But to keep the audience in suspense, Helena decided to hide the handkerchief with Lacey's blood on it instead of following through with a paternity test. Before Season 2 is over though, I expect to discover who the real dad of Eleanor and Liam is — and I'm crossing my fingers that it's Simon so that the kingdom can be ruled by his heirs.

Image: E!