11 'Harry Potter' Holiday Decorations To Make Your House As Magical As Hogwarts

It's almost Pottermas I mean Christmas, which means it's about time to deck the halls — or, more importantly, the Great Hall. But all those boughs of holly can just take a hard step to the left, because they've got nothing on Harry Potter holiday decorations. While it isn't physically possible to celebrate the holidays at Hogwarts (my sadness is more infinite than flavors of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans), that doesn't mean you can't upend your apartment/parent's house/actual adult house that you own (TELL ME YOUR SECRETS) and turn it into a veritable Potter wonderland.

Sure, it might take awhile to get the aesthetic just right, but hey — that's what eight movies worth of marathoning is for, right? Hang some ornaments as you watch "Harry, just Harry" learn that he's a ~wizard~; hang some Snitch-themed lights as Hermione punches Draco smack dab in the middle of his smug face; weep uncontrollably at [insert death of any beloved character here] into the batter you were supposed to turn into Weasleybread cookies. (Because they're gingers. GEDDIT? Help.) The point is, it's the only time of the year you can have your Harry Potter and eat, drink, and live it, too, so soak it up for all it's worth. Here are some Harry Potter holiday decorations to get you started:

Hogwarts Crest Cookie Cutter

While I firmly believe Santa is a Hufflepuff, you never know for sure. So cover all your bases by leaving these adorable cookies for him.

Cookie Cutter, $10, Etsy

Harry Potter Wreath

Have the nerdiest door on the block this Christmas.

Harry Potter Wreath, $42, Etsy

Harry Potter 3D Silhouettes

BRB, intentionally hiding my family's star so we can put this on top of the tree instead.

Harry Potter 3D Silhouettes, $5, Etsy

Harry Potter Tree Garland

"Whatcha doing over there, kid?"

"Reading the tree."

"Do you maybe wanna open your pres — "

"Yeah, yeah, in a sec."

Harry Potter Tree Garland, $7, Etsy

Harry Potter Stocking

Looks just about wide enough to fit a famous Weasley Christmas sweater.

Harry Potter Stocking, $15, Etsy

Harry Potter Face Ornaments

ALL OF YOUR PRECIOUS FAVES, preserved in giant circular glory.

Harry Potter Face Ornaments, $10, Etsy

Harry Potter Book Christmas Tree

It's about ten inches high, and the perfect alternative for you witches who haven't mastered expansion charms on your tiny apartments.

Harry Potter Book Christmas Tree, $16, Etsy

Hedwig Christmas Tree Topper

A fitting tribute to the sassiest owl that ever lived.

Hedwig Christmas Tree Topper, $65, Ebay

Hagrid Christmas Tree Watercolor Print

Let's be real, Hagrid was secretly the Santa of Hogwarts.

Hagrid Christmas Tree Watercolor Print, $4, Etsy

Harry Potter Potions Ornaments

It's probs for the best that there isn't any Felix Felicis here or I'd get juuuust tipsy enough on Christmas Eve to down it.

Harry Potter Potions Ornaments, $15, Etsy

Expecto Patronum Banner

So you can take all these happy holiday memories you're making now and use them for inspiration next time you need to cast this particular spell.

Expecto Patronum Banner, $26, Etsy

Images: Courtesy of Brands