14 Times Tina Fey Was You When You Went Home For The Holidays

It’s time, my friends. With the winter holidays just days away, it’s time for all of us to start girding our loins and preparing for a long weekend with a lot of family. If your family is anything like mine, this preparation process is a long one that involves a lot of deep breathing, positive self-talk, and a whole hell of a lot of hard cider. I don’t go into a family meal with out at least three bottles of Woodchuck under my belt and five to seven self-care mantras that I can turn to when someone starts asking me when I’m going to get married already. But, after seeing Tina Fey in Sisters and watching her character throw an absolute fit any time her parents were in the room, I realized something that I’ve always kind of known, but that was now completely confirmed: Tina Fey is me and I am Tina Fey. In fact, Tina Fey is me when I go home for the holidays.

Sure, I might not be able to flip the bird and climb on tables like she has done in her day, but man do I ever want to. Because, when it comes to holidays at home with my family, Tina Fey totally gets me. And, trust me, she gets you too. Just consider all of the dreadful moments that are sure to happen around your family’s Christmas table. If you think about it, Tina Fey embodies all of the ways you wish you could respond to those terrible moments. Because, let’s face it, Tina Fey is totally you when you’re surrounded by family and home for the holidays.

1. When Your Family All Wants To Go See Star Wars On Christmas Day


Throw a fit if you feel like it, Princess. Then go see Sisters by yourself.

2. When Your Cousins Suggest Taking Shots Before Dinner


It’s a good idea in theory, but ain’t nothin’ good gonna come from that.

3. When Your Mom Makes You Wash The Dishes Because It Was Always “Your Chore”


When you started paying rent on your own apartment, you stopped being beholden to chores at your parents’ house. You’re pretty sure that’s how that works.

4. When Everyone Asks You If You Have A Boyfriend Yet


Can nobody think of anything else to ask other than whether or not you have a man in your life? Why is this the only thing by which we measure a young woman’s success?

5. When Your Dad Asks You To Run To The Store And It Feels Like Freedom


Take as long as you want running that errand, sister. It’s totally likely that the three stores nearby were out of milk, and that you had to run to the one 30 minutes away.

6. When Your Sister Suggests The Family Do Yoga On Christmas Morning


This doesn’t feel right.

7. When Your Uncle Calls Your Mom’s New Boyfriend Your Father’s Name


Some things never die.

8. When Your Cousins Wake You Up To Open Presents At The Crack Of Dawn


Sleep trumps Santa, kids. Learn it, live it, love it.

9. When You Eat All The Desserts


One of each, please!

10. At Midnight Mass


How else are you going to get through Father Flaherty’s sermon? You know the one that he can’t be bothered to enunciate throughout. Even though, dude, this is the one time a year you have a packed house.

11. The Minute People Start Talking About The 2016 Election


Down the hatch!

12. When Your Uncle Makes A Joke About Cleaning Being Woman’s Work


Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that I got time warped back to 1953.

13. When Your 18 Year-Old Cousin Starts Talking About How Hard It Is Being An Adult


You just wait, Kitten.

14. When Your Father Asks If You’re Going To Be Single Forever


Enough already.

Prepare your responses now, my friends. Or, if you prefer to stay quiet, just picture these perfect responses in your head and use them when necessary.

Image: Universal Pictures