Gigi Hadid's Instagram Proves 'Star Wars' Has Gone High Fashion — PHOTO

A certain model's social media feed is becoming a serious source of all sorts of info and inspo. Star Wars went high fashion on Gigi Hadid's Instagram, as the supermodel posed alongside the always iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld in front of a fashion-themed Star Wars poster. If you have been ignoring the mania, the marketing, and the movie itself, well, allow yourself a grin or an "OMG! That is amazing!" once you see this image.

I have accepted and willingly participated in the hype as a fan of the franchise since childhood. Princess Leia's braid buns and white robe represent my earliest memories of wanting to copy someone else's look.

As an adult fan, I've purchased a few pairs of socks, cute tees, and items from the COVERGIRL x Star Wars cosmetics range. I am loving the poster and would frame it in my house.

It features Lagerfeld as a Stormtrooper, with his signature, smile-free pose, his fingerless gloves, his black tie, his black shades, and his white hair. The image effectively captures the essence of Lagerfeld. He is forever immortalized as a Stormtrooper. Or vice versa.

It's utterly and completely perfect.

Notice a skullcap-wearing, goofy Cara Delevingne in the background. Her brows are on fleek as always. But the rendering captures her silly, lovable side.

Lagerfeld and Hadid make quite a pair posing in front of the poster. With her all-black ensemble and series posture, she could make a case for a female Darth Vader inspo, right?

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Forget the action figures. Forget the graphic tees. Forget the plush dolls. Star Wars has entered the high fashion realm, even though it was already on its way, offering plenty of plus size fashion items, too. I am half-expecting Moschino's Jeremy Scott to put together a fashion show inspired by a galaxy far, far away in 2016 since pop culture informs his work on a whole other level.

Hadid's Insta feed isn't just proof of Star Wars high fashion ascent. It's actually a seat of all things fashion and has quickly become a "must follow." She helped Donatella Versace debut her own IG feed.

She poses regularly with various members of the world's most famous girl squad.

Hadid also shares street style snaps to inspire fans to copy her look.

She even offers inside looks at life off the runway for her and Kendall Jenner aka #Kengi.

Hadid even takes time to get body positive and to encourage her followers to love themselves "as is."

OK, so how about some cute and lovey dovey snaps with her purported paramour Zayn Malik? He posted a sweet pic. Now it's her turn. She needs something maj to follow up the Lagerfeld x Star Wars shot and something with her her and Malik would be it.

BTW, here's proof of my unending love for Han Solo and Princess Leia. They were my first experience with a super couple and they live on a bookshelf! #Swoon.

Images: Gigi Hadid/Instagram (6); Amy Sciarretto (1)