The Beauty Tip From Kim Kardashian That Kylie Jenner Will Never Be On Board With

Just because they share blood doesn't necessarily mean they share beauty routines. According to PEOPLE Magazine, Kylie Jenner isn't a fan of Kim Kardashian's nude body scrub habit. Kardashian may rock her birthday suit for full-body exfoliation, Jenner isn't as interested in stripping down in the name of beauty. Looks like these siblings don't have absolutely everything in common after all!

While the Kardashian/Jenner clan certainly all look alike, clearly their beauty habits differ. Jenner told PEOPLE that Kardashian gets a full body scrub at a Korean spa on a weekly basis before getting a tan — but the curve ball is that she does it completely nude. The youngest sibling isn't exactly ready to make it part of her beauty routine.

“Kim gets body scrubs before her spray tans, and she tried to get me to do this body scrub at this Korean spa,” Jenner told the magazine for the current issue. “I went, and everyone was ass naked! It was so uncomfortable.”

Can you blame her? When I was 18-years-old, I was full of insecurities and wasn't even comfortable revealing my shoulders let alone being completely nude at a spa! I think if I were surrounded by a ton of naked strangers I would be uncomfortable too, to say the least!

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Jenner added that Kardashian "swears by" the full-body exfoliation. While I don't doubt her (that sounds like a wonderfully refreshing spa experience), I also understand Jenner's perspective.

These two may not be on the same page concerning full body scrubs, but the Kardashian/Jenner sisters do take beauty tips from one another. Here are seven times they had similar tips.

1. Wearing Eyeliner In The Waterline

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In the same PEOPLE article, Jenner said she taught Kourtney to avoid putting eyeliner on her lower waterline, since Kourtney has smaller eyes compared to her siblings and the practice only made her eyes look smaller.

2. Wearing Sunscreen

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Kendall Jenner told Entertainment Tonight that her older sisters taught her to always wear sunscreen. Considering UV rays can be very detrimental to your skin, no matter what time of year it is, this is certainly important!

3. Not Touching Your Face

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Kendall also learned from Kim K that she should avoid touching her face at a young age to prevent breakouts. I know from personal experience that touching my unwashed hands to my face can cause bad acne.

4. They Wear The Same Lip Products

As the supportive sister she is, Khloe Kardashian rocks the Kylie Lip Kit just as well as Jenner herself. I wouldn't be surprised if the sisters shared beauty products that weren't designed by them also, but considering the Lip Kit is Jenner's first release, this is extra cute.

5. Defying Age Together

Considering Kris Jenner looks not a day over 45 (she actually just turned 60), I'd take any anti-aging tips from her. And clearly, Kourtney agrees. According to Shape Magazine, both Kris and Kourtney both use Rejuvicare, a product that has natural vitamins and anti-oxidants to prevent aging.

6. Washing Your Face


While older sister Kim K may occasionally sleep in her makeup, Kendall and Kylie wash their faces nightly to get the dirt and bacteria out of their pores.

7. Contouring

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The Kardashians know how to kontour! I wouldn't be surprised if they had some family secrets they haven't revealed on how to achieve the best contouring ever. They're just that good.

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