7 Ariadna Gutierrez Hairstyles To Copy, Because Pageant Locks Are Wearable — PHOTOS

If you watched the Miss Universe pageant last night, in the midst of cringing in secondhand embarassment, you probably took a moment to wonder how to get Ariadna Gutierrez's hair. After Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned runner-up Miss Colombia in a live television bungle that will define pageants for the next decade, Gutierrez held together her composure — and pageant smile — in a show of inner strength greater than granite. Here's to Gutierrez, and here's to channeling an iota of her laudable self-control by doing the logical thing: replicating her gorgeous hair.

In the aftermath of Harveygate, Gutierrez has been on the receiving end of an outpouring of online support — and rightfully so. In addition to her pageant work, Gutierrez has accomplishments to be proud of: Namely, she speaks Spanish, German, and English fluently, which is a heck of lot more than I could claim at the age of 21. To further attest to her character, she's a huge fan of cats, which gets her my vote. (Which is really no more subjective than the criteria that the Miss Universe judges use to strike down the unworthy.)

No doubt taking time to gather her emotions, Gutierrez has yet to formally address last night's debacle, though Miss Universe has tweeted a short clip filmed after the pageant. In the meanwhile, here are the best hair styles Gutierrez has sported, from last night's glamorous waves to the more toned-down looks she's posted to social media.

1. The Pageant Hair

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For the pageant, Gutierrez wore her hair in perfectly polished waves. To replicate this style, part your hair on-center or slightly off-center (a better choice for those of us who aren't competing in beauty pageants), use smoothing products to tame any and all flyaways, and curl hair away from your face with a medium-sized curling iron.

2. High Ponytail With a Festive Scarf

The perfect solution for a bad hair day. Start the look off with a great high pony.

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And finish it off with a great patterned hair scarf.

3. Tousled Waves

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A more wearable version of the ultra-glam waves, these piecy loose curls can be achieved with volumizing and texturizing products and a medium-sized curling iron.

4. Sleek and Straight

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Straight strands with volume at the root is easily achieved through a blowout with a big round brush. Volumizing products at the root and smoothing oils give this look height and shine. Dolly Parton would be proud.

5. A Sleek Knot

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A sleek style like this is perfect for oily strands.

6. A Bouffant

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When a bouffant feels like too much look, a half bouffant is a great alternative.

7. A Low Pony

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Gutierrez jazzes up her low pony by curling her face-framing layers away from her face, and then pulling them loose to soften the style.

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