14 Signs You Read The Entire Twilight Series, Even If You Don't Want To Admit It

At one point in your life, you were most likely obsessed with Twilight . Even if your love for the series drifted off as you grew older, there is no doubting that you were a major Twi-hard at one point. Whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob (or neither, because you weren't into picking sides), it was a significant series that you got completely lost in as you read it for the first time.

Sure, Twilight didn't exactly get an award for showing us a proper, healthy relationship, but the one thing it did do for me was reignite my love for reading. After the Harry Potter series ended, I couldn't seem to find a series to hook me in. It helped to pull me out of a reading rut, and it felt amazing to be obsessed with a cultural phenomenon. Especially as an eager, nerdy teenager girl.

So even if you don't exactly boast the fact that you read, reread, and loved the Twilight series a while back, it doesn't change the fact that there are definite signs you were obsessed. From having multiple posters to listening to the soundtracks on replay, here are the 14 sure signs you loved Twilight:

1. You Still Have The Back Cover Of Twilight Memorized

"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire..."

2. When You Turned 16, You Asked Your Parents For A Run Down Truck Or A Silver Volvo

There was no other option as far as you were concerned.

3. You Still Own A Team Edward Or Team Jacob Shirt

Maybe you keep it in the back of your closet or underneath all of your clothes in your dresser, but it's definitely still there.

4. Your Ideal Spring Break Vacation Was (And Maybe Still Is) Forks, Washington

Who wouldn't want to spend a vacation in a rainy, cold, vampire-filled state?

5. You Still Have All The Soundtracks From The Movies And Occasionally Listen To Them

Seriously, the best part about the films was the incredible soundtracks.

6. You Know The Name Of Every Actor In The Series

And yet you don't know the names of any other actor in the world.

7. You Had A Hardcore Crush On Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Because how could you not?

8. You Saved All Of Your Twilight Opening Night Ticket Stubs

Including all the other stubs from seeing it again, again, and again.

9. You Were At Every Book Release Party And Totally Dressed Up As Your Favorite Character

If you were lucky, some releases were at midnight and it was the most exciting event of the year.

10. You Were Devastated When Midnight Sun Was Canceled

How could this happen?!

11. But Then You Were Stoked When The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Came Out

Even though it was tragically sad and not enough.

12. You Actively Checked Stephenie Meyer's Website More Than Any Other Website In Your Life


13. A Part Of You Really Wanted Bella's Wedding Gown Or Ring For Yourself

Her dress was GORGEOUS, and that ring? Amazing. Everything about their wedding was beautiful.

14. Even Though You've Moved On, Your Teenage Self Will Still Always Be Completely and Irrevocably In Love With The Series

And I won't tell anyone, but you were a little stoked to see Life and Death on the shelves of your local bookstore.

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