McDonald's New Item Will Steal Your Cheesy Heart

Christmas came early for me this year, because McDonald's mac and cheese just made all my wishes come true. No, this is not the result of another one of my beautiful cheese delusions — McDonald's is offering mac and cheese as a kids' menu item in their Happy Meals as an alternative to fries, and selling it separately to adults as an alternative to literally everything in your life (I would trade my family for mac and cheese, if we're being honest). Of course, there is a catch: the mac and cheese is not yet universal. In fact, the only confirmed location that it's been sold at is in Cleveland, Ohio, although supposedly it is being served at other select locations as well.

Personally, after I was bequeathed the glory of All Day Breakfast, I was done asking for things this year. I got everything I could ever want, right? And there was no point in being greedy by asking for more. But today I go back on my word, and ask you only this, Santa: bring McDonald's mac and cheese to New York. I know we are a cold and cynical people, as evidenced by that time we almost let Santa bite it in Elf, but we've been (kind of?) good this year.

In any case, here's your first glimpse at this majestic item:

Just think of all the miraculous things we could do with the power of mac and cheese! Here are just a few of mine to get the ball rolling:

Put Mac And Cheese On Our Big Macs

If there is one thing I have a natural-born talent for, it's taking two dishes and smushing them together without any regard for the consequences. (PLUS, we could call it a BIG MAC AND CHEESE. Come ON, America!)

Mac And Cheese Wedding Proposals

Look, I used to judge people who proposed in fast food restaurants, but everybody knows that mac and cheese is a synonym for true love. HAVE AT IT.

Leave Mac And Cheese For Santa

Poor dude gets one billion cookies in one night. Tell me he wouldn't want to wash all those suckers down with some McCheese.

A merry Cheesemas to all, and to all a cheese night!

Images: Getty; Giphy