Miley Cyrus Claimed She Was Lil' Kim in a Past Life, and There Is So Much Wrong With That

Miley Cyrus is totally pulling a Kanye West — the "We Can't Stop" singer has spent the past few weeks on her musical promotional tour aligning herself with other artists' talents. And it's just getting weirder and weirder. First, the former Disney star insisted she and Snoop Lion were super similar, and now she's sure that she was Lil' Kim in a past life. Which is weird because Lil' Kim is definitely still alive, and also nothing like Cyrus. Additionally, I feel like when you've reached a point in life when you really feel "Lil' Kim is who I am on the inside," you need to seriously rethink the choices you've made up until that point.

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Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised. Cyrus clearly is going through a "I just wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends" moment and if that means she wants to be Lil' Kim or Snoop, well... I guess that's fine. It's just sad to watch the young star go through the same phase we all went through in our freshman year of college, when we thought our substance abuse habits were both cool and unique.

For example, she's so coy about her alleged MDMA mentions in her new song, but it's hard to feel anything but embarrassed with the desperate name drop. Growing up is hard when you just recently graduated Disney Channel and your dad is Billy Ray Cyrus, but goddamnit, Miley, you're not making it easy on yourself. You have no understanding of how much you'll come to regret these statements when you're going through your John Tesh phase.