How To Make Your Dreams Come True In 2016

There are many self-help books, websites, and people proclaiming that there is a magic formula for making your dreams come true. With the approach of 2016, you may want to know how to realistically make your dreams come true this year.

Your dream might be gnawing away at you, but you don't know how to make it a reality, or you may have no idea what your life dream is. You might know what your dream is, but you feel it is too difficult to make it come true, you might be a little afraid, or you might have resigned yourself to believing it's a pipe dream. Because only really lucky people make their dreams come true right? Wrong! Of course, occasionally luck and fate play a hand in the game (if you believe in that kind of thing,) but for the most part, making your dream a reality takes a lot of hard work, effort, and dedication. So if you're happy as you are – which I'm sure you're not entirely fulfilled as something inside you made you want to read this article – then there's no need for you to read on.

But, if you have a burning passion inside of you which is all consuming and you are totally miserable leading a life where your dream is lying dormant, read on. The same can be said for those out there who feel empty, unfulfilled, and as if their life has no purpose: these tips are for you.

1. Figure Out Exactly What Your Dream Is

Some people are blessed with the knowledge of what they want to do in life from as early as childhood and others have no clue. If you find yourself in the latter category of humans, there’s no reason to worry, you just haven’t found your niche yet! So you need to discover what exactly your dream is. There are many ways you can do this, because often a dream will fly out of nowhere and hit you right between the eyes. Good ways to start would be to broaden your mind with travel and see other places and how other people live, take a trip down memory lane and remind yourself what it was that you loved to do as a kid, or try new past times to see if your dream is a hobby waiting in the wings.

For folks who want to dive straight in, there are a plethora of courses which will help you to unlock your dreams and ambitions. Gala Darling’s DARE/DREAM/DO is a thirty day email course split into three sections: dare, dream, and do. Ms. Darling tells readers of her website, “You can do whatever you want in this lifetime, and it’s not contingent on 'marrying up,' winning the lottery, or befriending a Nigerian prince. You can make it happen on your own.” She asks, “Are you unsure about what your 'dream life' really looks like? Do you look around at the traditional definition of success and feel uninspired… Or downright depressed?” The glowing recommendations from previous students speak for themselves.

2. Ask An Expert For Advice

So you know what your dream is, but you have no idea how to go about getting it. It’s time to speak to an expert. Find someone who already works in the field you want to get into, or someone who has a lot of knowledge or experience in the industry. If your dream is business related, you could ask for career advice from successful women you know, or if your dream is to have a baby, you could book an appointment with your doctor or a midwife to find out more information.

3. Put A Plan Into Place

Once you have done all of the groundwork, you should make a detailed plan of the year, or going as far as you can. For instance, if your dream is to get married, you will need to start making budgeting plans for your finances and plan what actions you are going to take each month. Likewise, if you’re thinking of doing something career related, like getting your book published, you will need to plan (possibly down to the week,) the actions you are going to take in order to bring your dream to fruition. Rome wasn't built in a day.

4. Make Room In Your Life For Your Dream

Is your life super busy and filled with work, family, an exercise routine, socializing, and slithers of downtime? News flash: We’re all busy. Things won’t change unless you make room in your life for your dream, which might mean you have to sacrifice other things. The Huffington Post reported, “You cannot create real, successful change in your life until you learn to say no to people or responsibilities that want to suck your time.” So re-work your schedule in order to encompass your plan, which will in fruition, lead to living your dream.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Taking risks can be frightening but also very rewarding. Wellness warrior Kris Carr tells readers of her website, “I believe in doing things that feel uncomfortable, things that are foreign, things that my nerves wish I wouldn’t do. Every time I take on a challenge that scares me I find that it was rarely as terrifying as I’d imagined, and my world expands a little further.” Personally, I took a big career risk last year that paid off more than I could ever imagine. So feel the fear and do it anyway.

6. Take Baby Steps If You Need To

Making your dream come true is not a race and you’re not in competition with anyone. Normal life must continue, so unless you’re very wealthy and can afford not to work, you may need to work your normal job while laying the groundwork for your dream in your spare time. This might include: doing work experience to get a feel for your dream job, attending a part-time course around your working hours, or creating things in your down time. All of these things will help you get to where you need to be, so don’t get frustrated; be grateful you are independent and can afford to pay for the roof over your head, while making your dream come true at the same time.

7. Don’t Lose Focus

It’s incredibly easy to come home from work, eat your dinner, and get lost in your favorite TV show. Unproductive days turn into weeks and months – before you know it your dream has been put on hold. Yes, you may be tired but if you really want your dream to come to life, you need to put the hard work in. If you’re put off by the effort it will take to make your dream come true, then it may not actually be as important to you as you thought. In which case, go back to step one and be honest and open with yourself about what you want out of life.

So what are you waiting for? Put plans into place to make your dreams come true in 2016!

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