7 Shoes From Your Childhood That Are Still Awesome

Our tastes might have changed since junior high, but there are some things that have stuck with us ever since. Footwear, for instance, holds a certain sense of nostalgia that other items in our closet simply don't have. Take for example, the various types of shoes you wore in middle school, which we still feel connected to on a personal level even by just looking at photos of them today.

While there is no clear cut rule on what's a good or bad shoe style for school, most of us often went with shoes that reflected our personality and, in a way, how we wanted to present ourselves to our classmates. From what I remember during my junior high days, the athletic kids wore a different type of shoe than the artsy ones. Those who were on the rebellious side often sported chunky boots while the trendy kids always showed up in styles straight out of magazines. Looking back at my old junior high photos, I would classify the shoes that I wore to school leaned towards classic and comfortable (they were Converse Chuck Taylor high tops).

If you happen to feel nostalgic towards the kicks that you sported back in your teen years, you might want to take a look at the following shoe styles that are still around today. Some of them might not be your cup of tea anymore, but with the right styling and, more importantly, the right attitude, you can still wear these and be the absolute envy of your squad.

1. Jelly Shoes

YRU Jealousea Clear Jelly Heeled Sandals, $15.50 (ASOS)

I didn't get to wear the clear plastic jellies back in the day, but it was very popular among my female friends.

2. Doc Martens

Leyton Boots, $90 (Dr. Martens)

You can't get more badass in middle school (or anytime, really) than when you're wearing a combat boot.

3. Platform Sneakers

Superga Bouclé Platform Sneaker, $50 (Nasty Gal)

Whether they're the ones from Skechers or a similar brand, the fun-loving kids were always ready to party in these.

4. Ugg Boots

Women's Classic Short, $130 (UGG)

The UGG boots became popular way after I was in junior high, but I'm sure these also dominated school style for years.

5. White Canvas Sneakers

Keds Champion Originals, $45 (Keds)

These kicks are straight out of the "How To Be Preppy" guidebook.

6. Adidas Slide Sandals

Adissage Slides, $18.99 (Adidas)

Sporty Spice approved.

7. Skate Shoes

Sk8-Hi Slim, $55 (Vans)

When it comes to choosing something comfortable, practical, and stylish, you simply can't go wrong with a classic pair of skate shoes.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)