16 Christmas Memes To Make Your Day

The holidays are a wonderful time — dare I say the most wonderful time? — of the year, but they can get a little overwhelming at times, especially if they involve lots of extended family in one place. Fortunately, that's where cute Christmas memes come in. There's a kind for every occasion: If it's too early to start drinking yet, they're a great way to put yourself in the holiday spirit. If your aunt just won the tug-of-war over the rest of the vodka bottle, Grumpy Cat is there to remind you that it's OK to be a little cranky on Christmas. If your family cut you off for getting a little too tipsy at the dinner table after your aunt felt magnanimous enough to share the vodka, memes are the perfect way to entertain yourself while you wait for them to let you back in the dining room.

Of course, even if none of these situations apply, Christmas memes are still an adorable way to enjoy the season, and with the holidays drawing to a close soon, you might as well celebrate while you can. After all, it isn't long before we'll have to return to our regular routine — one that's decidedly less fun without being able to play Michael Buble's holiday album on repeat for days on end. Let's take a look at 16 Christmas memes to put the "jolly" in your holly. (Or something. Maybe I've had too much spiked eggnog.)

1. Waking Up On Christmas.

2. So Jealous.

3. Brb Crying.

4. OK, then.

5. A Pun The Rock Would Approve Of.

6. And So It Begins.

7. The Purrfect Present.

8. Regifting.

9. Always True, But Especially Around Christmas.

10. There's No Such Thing As Too Much Grumpy Cat.

11. Painfully True.

12. There Can Never Be Too Many Puns

13. Some Presents Are More Important To Deliver Than Others

14. Asking The Real Questions

15. Even Cats Can Be Hipsters.

16. Sounds Like A Plan.

Images: Memes Vault (10), We Know Memes (2), Pinterest (1), JustAnotherKelsey/Blogspot (3)