Where Will Sansa Be In 'GOT' Season 6?

One of the most devastating plot-lines in Game Of Thrones Season 5 was Sansa Stark's: she was captured and tortured by the Boltons, forced to marry Ramsay and was assaulted by him in that stomach-turning scene. She finally got some respite at the end of "Mother's Mercy," when she's saved from Myranda by Theon/Reek, and the two leapt off a tower to escape the clash of the Boltons and Stannis' army. Not considering the possibility that they broke their legs in the fall and that's it for them, what will happen to Sansa in Season 6? No need to worry: she's going to survive.

Set spoilers are the best evidence that Sansa will not only survive, but thrive. The very thorough fansite Watchers On The Wall confirmed in October that Kit Harington (yeah, he is alive) was seen filming scenes in the Winterfell courtyard. Also in the tussle: some giants, Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon), Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen), and Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner herself. It's not clear what episode this will take place in, but it's thrilling and heartwarming that Sansa will reunite with her brother from another mother Jon Snow, even though it looks like they will immediately be in peril and barely have time for a hug. Why is Littlefinger there? I don't know, he lurks everywhere that Sansa is.

More set spoilers: Jon Snow will be leading a huge battle in the North. Kit Harington has been repeatedly seen filming battle scenes in Northern Ireland, and WoTW also confirmed that "Sansa Stark will be there, and Sophie Turner was seen filming alongside the battlefield. The battlefield has a few Starks, actually, if you count Jon." Sansa is going into battle and I hope she is hungry for revenge. And who are these other Starks?

The battle will apparently will take place in the eighth or ninth episode, so it's unclear how she will get to this point. There's no telling what will happen with Sansa and Theon/Reek in the beginning of Season 6 and how they end up back at Winterfell with Jon Snow. There's really no telling how the season will start for anyone, because that's the way the cookie crumbles in Westeros.

Another possiblity: Sansa could kill Theon/Reek. Even though he did help her escape Winterfell, Sansa might be bloodthirsty and want to get her revenge on everyone who has wronged her, and unfortunately Theon/Reek falls heavily into that category. I approve of this plan, to be honest. She deserves to unleash her rage. She's dealt with enough crap from the horrible men around her.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO (3).