These 'Force Awakens' Stars Love The Movie, Too

Star Wars mania is everywhere. Everywhere. Not that I'm complaining — I am literally listening to the soundtrack right now. There's just so much to love about the movie, from the plot to the feminism to the fact that its own stars seem to adore it just as much as you and I do. Seriously, the Force Awakens cast has shown support for the film in major ways since its release, and it's been very, very cool to see.

The cast of the blockbuster movie, from adorable little BB-8's voices (Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz) to Adam Driver as the biggest emo kid in the galaxy, Kylo Ren, have talked often about their love for the franchise, and seeing how much they care about Star Wars has made the Force Awakens' release even cooler. For instance, I love Princess Leia regardless of who plays her, but when Carrie Fisher goes out and does incredibly candid interviews, I love her even more.

Below, seven times that the cast of The Force Awakens totally killed the game and made me appreciate them even more than I already did.

1. John Boyega Surprised Fans At Screenings

John Boyega is possibly the most excited cast member to be in Star Wars. He stopped in at TFA screenings in London and New York after the film was over, shocking overjoyed fans who were thrilled to see Finn in the flesh. Despite this good news for other fans, I'm incredibly saddened he didn't sneak into my screening. Thanks for nothing, John.

2. Oscar Isaac Did Many Gif-Worthy Things

Oscar Isaac (Poe in the movie) doesn't really need to do anything to give back. His very existence is giving back. Bless your beautiful, charming presence, sir. Please keep doing stuff that provides fans with fifs of your witty, handsome, and talented self.

3. Mark Hamill Visited A Hospital

Instead of appearing on The Great Norton Show during a UK visit with the rest of the cast, Mark Hamill opted out and decided to hang out with sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital instead. It was great to have Hamill remind us all that helping others is a great way to avoid the Dark Side.

4. Adam Driver Whined, A Lot

Adam Driver appeared in a hilarious Brady-family style video with the rest of the TFA cast and the Roots on the Jimmy Fallon Show. He has also been kvetching about how it was hard to see out of his Kylo Ren helmet. It's all in good fun, but come on, Driver — you got to be in a Star Wars movie, and your windswept hair was so glorious whenever that helmet came off. Stop complaining and focus on finding me and marrying me — uh, I mean, prepping for the next movie.

5. Daisy Ridley And Isaac Sang A Lovely Duet

As was mentioned above, Oscar Isaac is a new fan favorite of mine. Right now, Isaac could murder the hedgehog I'm pet-sitting right before my very eyes and I would be OK with it because he would be in my home (sorry, guys). Which is why I was so delighted when the Star Wars cast took over the movie's official Twitter and Isaac and co-star Daisy Ridley sang "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in an adorable duet. I ship them so hard.

6. Carrie Fisher Gave The Best Interviews

Any interview with Carrie Fisher gives me hope for the ladies in Hollywood. I love how in this one with ABC, she didn't want to talk about losing weight and explained that she doesn't like being called Princess Leia. The star proved in these interviews that she's incredibly real and insanely entertaining. She also has a famous dog named Gary, which I can definitely get behind.

7. Harrison Ford Made A Whole Bunch Of Money

Harrison Ford hasn't really done anything to show his TFA support besides the standard interview, dropping a spoiler during a Twitter takeover, and just being his Han Solo self. But apparently that's all he needs because allegedly, the actor made 50 times more money than his co-stars. That's one way to show your Star Wars love.

I really appreciate how the TFA cast has shown their support for the movie, and made fans so happy. So many actors in franchises disappoint, but this cast not only helped to pull off a phenomenal film, they also continue to be positive role models for the masses. I am beyond excited to see what they all do next, whether in Star Wars movies or in other aspects of their lives.

On a semi-related note, does anybody know if Carrie Fisher is looking for a dog walker or personal assistant or surrogate niece of some sort? I'm asking for a friend.

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