You'll Never Believe Who's Scott Disick's New Pal

When I first heard about Scott Disick's cameo in Chris Brown's new music video, it was impossible to resist rolling my eyes. But then when I actually braced myself and hit play on "Picture Me Rollin'," it was way worse than I imagined. In the video, Disick calls Brown on the phone, because he "can't f*ck all these b*tches" without him. I'm not even kidding (but trust me, I wish I was). That's how eloquently they speak about women in the cringe-worthy NSFW video. Although it undeniably left a bad taste in my mouth, there is one plus to this unexpected friendship — and it's actually a major benefit. According to TMZ, Disick and Brown help keep one another sober.

TMZ reports that these two have "become each other's support system" and that they only drink water when they go to clubs together. If this report really is true, it makes me feel much better about their friendship. While I can't bring myself to post the music video here (that's how ridiculous it is), I'm glad they're finding solace with one another. Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm more surprised by: this Disick and Brown friendship or those Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber hookup rumors. (Side note: Bieber and Brown starred in a music video together in 2011. Do you think the Kourtney/Scott/Bieber love triangle put a damper on their friendship?)

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's because of Disick's struggles with partying that he and Kourtney split up in the first place. He even spent time in rehab, although it's unclear whether he's still there. Meanwhile, Hollywood Life reported in September that Brown decided to stop drinking, so that he could be a better parent to his daughter Royalty. Their inside source said,

Chris is weening himself off drinking and other stuff he does because he wants to be healthy, have a clear mind, and be a completely conscious and sober parent. He doesn’t want anyone or anything clouding his mind or judgment.

If hanging out together is what it takes to get their lives back on track, I definitely support that effort. Brown may not be my favorite person (given his history of domestic violence), but I do respect that he and Disick bring out a positive side in one another.

As long as they don't make any more music videos together, I'm all for the Disick and Brown friendship. It may be unexpected, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing — especially if it means they're becoming better fathers in the process.