Ashley Graham's 'LOVE' Mag Video Rocks This Year

This year’s LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar has been nothing short of spectacular. First we got to see Kendall Jenner traipse around in a shark suit, then we saw Cara Delevingne with a turkey on her head, and now we get to see plus size model Ashley Graham, arguably one of the most beloved body positive activists in the industry, dance around to Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” in pretty pink lingerie from her very own lingerie collection with Addition Elle. While Graham participated in LOVE’s Advent Calendar last year, some folks were not terribly thrilled with the short film. As Bustle's Jodie Layne wrote, “It's definitely not Graham who disappointed — she's looking as stunning as ever and is completely captivating in the clip. Rather, it's the editing and the lack of airtime for Graham's curves that's frustrating.” Fortunately, that is not the case this year, as Graham’s beautiful bod is displayed in wide-angle shots as well as close-ups for a whole minute and 28 seconds.

While it was refreshing to see a plus size model in LOVE’s Advent Calendar, it is a shame that no other fuller figured models have participated in the series as of yet. Here’s hoping that the next three days of LOVE’s Advent Calendar will have some even more body positive highlights. In the meantime, let's celebrate Graham’s sexy LOVE video by recapping some of her most body positive moments on Instagram. Scroll down to be inspired.

1. #BeautyBeyondSize

Graham's hashtag is a great way to send body positive vibes into the webosphere, as is her other common tag, #IAmSizeSexy.

2. When She Wore This T-Shirt

In a world that promotes food shaming — and especially food shaming of plus size individuals — it's always rad when a plus size human showcases their foodie pride with no disclaimers or explanations.

3. When She Was Exceptionally Proud

In order to spread self love, Graham partnered with Good Morning America on a segment called "Body Proud," which shed light on a myriad of body image discussions.

4. When She Shares Inspirational Quotes

From inspirational quotes to silly mantras, Graham is always spreading the love on her Instagram.

5. Her Very Own Plus Size Lingerie Line

Graham created a plus size lingerie collection with Canadian retailer Addition Elle, and it features totally sexy, high quality pieces for voluptuous babes.

Considering she's already set to be the face of Swimsuitsforall next year, there's no telling what new heights Graham will be reaching come 2016.