Why Being Single On New Year's Eve Is The Best

You know what? I think being single on New Year's Eve in the best. The absolute best. Do what you want, wear what you want, kiss who you want. It's a great night to be all about you.

As 2016 approaches, you're probably starting to scramble for New Year's Eve plans— and even though most people don't have plans until the last minute, there's so much pressure for it to be the best night of the year. And on top of that, it seems to be a time people are encouraged to panic about being single. Which is ridiculous.

Yes, there are lots of singles-themed New Year's Eve nights, but I say screw that. Why should there be separate events? I mean there is literally no reason to have a schism between being single and being in a couple on New Year's. It's just not what that night is about. It should be about doing what you want with people you love. And actually, being single on New Year's Eve is a damned good time.Here are seven reasons why it's great to be single on New Year's Eve, because the best person to ring 2016 in with is right in your mirror:

1. Because It's The Best Night To Kiss Someone Random

It's New Year's Eve— everyone is kissing. But this shouldn't lead to being obsessed with your relationship status. Because it's a night where literally everyone is up for kissing. You want a super hot kiss? A super romantic kiss? Just something completely random? It's all available. It doesn't have to be a big thing. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, and New Year's Eve is the best night to do just that. I randomly kissed a man in full damn naval uniform on New Year's Eve and didn't even speak to him before or after. So it wasn't at midnight, it was at 4 a.m. outside of a McDonald's (I need to stress the naval uniform situation). It's the best night to do something crazy and being single let's that happen. Make a zany memory.

2. Because You Can Go Out Wherever the Eff You Want

There are about 4,000 things to do on New Year's Eve. Clubbing with your cool young friends? Sophisticated house party? Artesian water and sawdust tasting with the hipsters? You can do whatever the eff you feel like and you don't need to factor anyone else in your plans.

3. ... Or Stay In

Real talk: New Year's Eve can often be a letdown. And some of my best ones have involved eating Thai delivery and drinking champagne on my damn own. It's amazing. When you're single you can do it and not feel like you're letting your significant other down. Let your onesie be your significant other.

4. Because You Can Ring In The New Year With Your Bestie

New Year's should be all about reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year to come. When you're single you can do all that, really focusing on your wants and your needs. It's easier to be clear-headed about what you want and where you're going if you have some space, so really take the time to embrace that.

5. Because It's An Awesome Night To Be A Social Butterfly

It doesn't matter if you're single on New Year's Eve, you can still be surrounded by people you love and who love you right back. All of your friends are gathering together — whether they're single or in a relationship — and you can be right in the middle of it all. It's a great reminder of how full and warm your life is and how lucky you are to have amazing people in your life — and being single or coupled up has nothing to do with it.

6. Because You Can Help Reclaim The Night

It's not a couple's night. It's not Valentine's Day. But for some reason the obsession with the kissing tradition seems to have somehow transformed this into a night that divides singles and couples. It shouldn't be— it really has nothing to do with that. Just having a great time and not making a big deal about being single or not helps erode the whole couple's image that this night has developed. It's only a big deal if you make it one, so just go on and have a great time.

7. Because It's A Great Night To Treat Yourself

Nice food. Nice clothes. Sparkly things. Fun activities. Whatever your little heart desires, this is the night to do it. Like I said, it's about looking at the past year and looking forward, so you should give do whatever you can to ring in the New Year just how you want. Whether that's a new set of stilettos or the best Mexican delivery, it's the best night to give yourself a little TLC and start out 2016 right.

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