Chrissy's Birthday Message To John Is Perfect

When it comes to Hollywood, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the best couples around. These two genuinely seem so in love, but instead of being sickeningly sweet, it's just sweet. Teigen is always cheering on her husband's music career, as he supports her modeling ventures. Their relationship seems to work because they're both down-to-earth and seem to really get each other. (I mean, did you see the cheese wheel he gave Teigen for Christmas?!) Giving fans another reason to love them, Teigen posted the best birthday wish to Legend on Monday. The mom-to-be wrote,

Another year with you has flown by and I am so proud of what you've accomplished. Every year, I wonder how things can even get better but you always find a way. Happy *37th* birthday to the most wonderful, hard-working, loving being I, and anyone who has ever met you, have ever known. We love you, my handsome old man.Also I'm sorry I thought you were 37 all year.

This is great for several reasons. Not only is it incredibly sentimental, but then it breaks up the sweetness with a LOL-worthy ending. Teigen confesses she didn't even know his age the entire year. While some people may be too embarrassed to admit such a mistake, not this supermodel. She owns it — as she does with most things. Whether it be her stretch marks or her love of food, Teigen isn't ashamed of the person she is. So what if she's a little bit forgetful?

Proving these two are a dream team, here's a round-up of other sweet posts that capture their very distinct relationship dynamic. And by "distinct," I really mean perfect.

1. The Cheese Wheel

What better gift for any cheese lover? Especially one who declares a cheese wheel her "lifetime dream."

2. Baby News

It's impossible not to smile when reading their baby announcement. These two will make awesome parents!

3. Their Anniversary

What better gift than letting Legend watch college football?

4. Chrissy's Birthday

While Teigen went the funny route in her message to Legend, his is just straight-up sweet.

5. Prom Pose

These two prove this pose isn't just for high school dances.

6. Surprise Date

Bonus points to Teigen for using Legend's lyrics in the caption.

7. John's Singing

Clearly Teigen is an amazing chef, so if Legend's singing is better than that, that sure says a lot.

8. Candlelit Dinner

How adorable is it that Legend surprised his wife with a home-cooked meal?!

9. PDA

Sure, she acknowledges it's a bit gross, but she just loves him too much to care.

If you weren't convinced before, this is all the evidence you need that Teigen and Legend are the ultimate Hollywood couple — hilarious and sweet, all at the same time.