12 Unsolved Real Housewives Mysteries

The women of Real Housewives seem like they have no boundaries when it comes to what they're willing to show on television, but that's not always the case. Sure, they like to keep it real, but they still keep some things close to their chests. That doesn't mean that they don't hint at secrets. In fact, the women do that a lot, so there are a lot of Real Housewives secrets that we still don't know. There are topics that come up all the time, but with no real information to make things clear to viewers. It's safe to say that there are some long-running Real Housewives mysteries at this point.

There are some stories that I've had questions about for years, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I bet that other fans want to know what Harry Hamlin did that Kim Richards supposedly knows about and all of the dirt about the rift between Dina and Caroline Manzo. And it's still super unclear to me if there was ever really a medical reason Kim Zolciak started wearing wigs. Will we ever find out the real story behind the story or will us fans be left guessing forever?

Needless to say, there are a lot of secrets in the Real Housewives universe. Here are some of the questions we're left wanting answers to.

1. What Did Harry Do?

I don't think there will ever be an answer to this question and that's because I don't think that Harry Hamlin actually did anything. I feel like Kim Richards was bluffing when she said she was going to reveal some dirt abut Lisa Rinna's husband. I just wish she would admit it though because I cannot help being curious.

2. What Really Went Down With Dina & Caroline Manzo?

Will we ever know what caused the rift between Dina and Caroline Manzo? They've both been super vague and mysterious about their falling out and they haven't been in front of the Bravo cameras forever. And apparently Dina has also had some kind of beef with her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita. I feel like Andy Cohen needs to have a special on Watch What Happens Live for these three, so they can work through everything all while keeping the fans in the know.

3. Are There Medical Reasons For Kim Zolciak Wearing Wigs?

Kim Zolciak looks great in wigs and wearing them has become a signature part of her persona. Nevertheless, I will never get over her confusing story from the first Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion about her sitting in a Chili's parking lot waiting for medical test results. She tried to explain that she started wearing wigs because she thought she might have cancer? I think? Even Andy Cohen seemed confused about it years later when he was being interviewed by Bethenny Frankel about his favorite Housewives moment. Whatever the reason behind the wigs, I support Kim and she can do no wrong in my book.

4. What Did Kyle Really Say To Camille About Going To Hawaii Without Kelsey?

The conversation between Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer about spring break plans set up a lot of the controversy during the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The only problem is that it happened off camera so it's a major case of "she said, she said." The ladies were talking about Camille taking her family to Hawaii without her husband Kelsey Grammer, but they both have different views of how it went down. Camille recalled Kyle asking her why she would do anything without her husband and implied that no one would be interested in her otherwise, but Kyle insisted that she was just innocently asking about the vacation. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, but this off-camera conversation was the backdrop for just about everything during the first season.

5. What Really Happened To Kelly On Scary Island?

We all saw the footage of Kelly Bensimon flipping out on her Real Housewives of New York City cast mates while on vacation during the third season, but there just seems to be something missing to the story. Why was Kelly acting so erratically? I understand that footage was chopped up and edited together to show the most entertaining stuff, but I still question what was really going on in Kelly's head that motivated her to be so irrational for so long. What was the story behind Kelly's humiliating Scary Island breakdown?

6. What Was Up With Joe Giudice's Shady Phone Call At The Vineyard?

Joe Giudice was shown having a pretty suspicious phone conversation while the cast was in Napa. He had some pretty nasty words about his devoted wife Teresa Giudice, when he said "Hold on, here comes my b*tch wife." He even threw out the dreaded "C" word. Viewers were up in arms wondering who he would be having this kind of conversation with and why he would be so secretive about it. There were even rumors that it had to do with him having an affair, something that he and his wife adamantly denied.

7. What Was Said During The RHOC "Shag, Marry, Kill" Game?

Sadly, Lizzie Rovsek's time as a main cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County was confined to one season, but she certainly left her mark. She even experienced the RHOC rite of passage of feuding with Tamra Judge. While on vacation in Bali, Tamra was pretty heated about something Lizzie allegedly said about a game of "Marry, Shag, Kill" which was not shown on RHOC. First off, why was this not shown on TV when the rest of the party was? (I have my suspicions about that. See item nine below.) Nevertheless, the viewers will never know if Tamra's husband Eddie really said that he would "shag" Lizzie or not. Tamra felt like Lizzie was bragging about being chosen and she freaked out about it multiple times.

8. Why Did So Many RHOC Scenes With Danielle Get Cut?

Before Season 9, two new Housewives were being buzzed about: Lizzie Rovsek and Danielle Gregorio. We learned a lot about Lizzie, but Danielle was relegated to the subtitle of being "Lizzie's friend Danielle." Meanwhile, there was so much gossip about her stirring the pot and bringing good TV. And then there were some rumors about her husband Joe possibly being gay; they even put out a public statement of denial. So, why was her entire story arc cut? Did she pull out of the show to get rid of a spotlight on her marriage? I don't see why the show wouldn't want her in the fold when she would clearly make for exciting television. She was also at the party with the infamous "Shag, Marry, Kill" game so maybe her scenes being cut explain why what actually happened was never aired? I will always be confused by this.

9. Is Real Housewives Of Miami Ever Coming Back?

Real Housewives of Miami has not been cancelled, but the cameras have stopped rolling. The show is caught in limbo and even Andy Cohen doesn't know if Bravo should cancel it or move forward. Can we just get an answer? Or better yet, let's just get a film crew in there and deliver some new episodes.

10. What Was Heather Hiding At The Last RHONY Reunion?

Heather Thomson was pretty vague and shady at the Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 reunion. She said a lot of intriguing stuff to other cast members including, “I’ve protected you plenty, you really want to go there, because I’ll go there." But she never actually "went there." What information was she hiding? Was she just bluffing or was she just holding some gossip in to keep her cast mates in check. It looks like we will never know since Heather is not a part of the cast next season.

11. When Is Sonja's Toaster Oven Coming Out?

Sonja Morgan has been talking about her toaster oven for years. I just want to see it in the stores. I want Sonja to shut up all the haters and come out with the best toaster oven of all time.

12. Did Melissa Gorga Really Reach Out To Danielle Staub?

I love Danielle Staub and Melissa Gorga. I'm probably the only RHONJ fan who feels this way, but I really do mean it. During the second season's reunion, Danielle got Teresa Giudice all riled up talking about communicating with her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. She claimed that Melissa came to her with information about Teresa and her family, and Teresa did not take well to that. Teresa came at Danielle and even pushed reunion host Andy Cohen out of the way. I just wish that Melissa and Danielle were cast members at the same time so this could have been cleared up. Hint hint, Bravo casting directors.

There just needs to be a Real Housewives special that addresses all the unanswered questions throughout the franchise. It would be a hit in the ratings and it would help calm down all of the super fans. We just want answers!

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