11 Lamentably Underrated Trends From The '90s

When it comes to '90s trends, it feels as though we've basically returned to all of them over the past couple of years. But in my humble opinion, there are some looks that have been left out of the equation: Underrated '90s trends that deserve recognition now that the decade has returned to bless us all. Personally, I've never been a huge tie-dye or tattoo choker fan, so I couldn't help but feel left out when my absolute favorite '90s looks didn't make a comeback along with the rest of them. Seriously, I want to partake in the nostalgia effect too, guys.

Some trends on this list have likely been left behind due to impracticality. A mini blow-up backpack I had only two years ago met a disastrous end by a rude smoker outside a club. And light-up sneakers a look that my mom has disagreed with since 1995. But oftentimes, revisiting these trends isn't about practicality, but about looking cool AF as we reminisce about a time of Tamagotchis and good Nickelodeon programming. In fact, I don't think any aspect of the '90s was about practicality, even the popular trends.

So next time you're going to a '90s themed costume party or you just want a new throwback item to add to your wardrobe, consider these underrated trends from the decade.

1. Mini Backpacks

You know what? I take it back. Mini backpacks are actually super practical for nights out. This way, you don't have to hold any bags while dancing, but you also don't need to hold an unsightly regular-sized backpack that detracts from the entirety of your outfit's backside.

2. Embroidered Jeans

Everything could use a little embellishing, and I definitely had more than one pair of embroidered jeans from a long-forgotten Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen collection. They'd be perfect for a return to the popular boho chic look of the era.

3. Bobby Pins With Flowers/Stars/Anything You Can Think Of

Although bobby pins are usually meant to be out of sight, it didn't matter if your pins were showing so long as they came in the form of cute flowers or glittery stars. In those cases, being seen was the point.

4. Light-Up Sneakers

Light-up sneakers are often thought of as being exclusively for children, but I sadly didn't have a pair as a kid. Luckily, Topshop brought this trend back recently, and you can totally cop a pair on eBay.

5. Tying Sweaters Around Your Waist

Don't have room in your bag for your sweater when you know you'll be out after it gets cold? Although the Kardashians seem to rock flannel around their waists practically on the daily, I can't imagine them opting for the tied bulky sweater look. If this trend were still in place, carrying around extra clothes would be way easier.

6. Brown Lipstick

This trend is currently back on the rise, in part thanks to Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits. Thank you, Kylie. Thank you.

7. Blow-Up Backpacks

So maybe they're far from practical, but they're totally cute.

8. Fluffy Cropped Sweaters

Again, these are totally impractical. But a fluffy sweater with short sleeves looks straight-up adorable, IMO.

9. Enormous Platforms/Flatforms

Platform sneakers are the only shoes I remember the Spice Girls wearing. They were a way to add height without having to struggle with a stiletto heel.

10. Spiral Hair Grips

The '90s were the era for ridiculous hair accessories, but there's a special place in my heart for these sweet spiral hair grips.

11. Putting Your Name On Your Clothes

Not on the inside, but proudly emblazoned across your chest. I had the cutest "Georgina" T-shirt as well as the customary glittery "Georgina" hairband. If everyone wore these again, you'd never have to worry about remembering names.

I'd probably give these looks a 2/10 for practicality, but a 10/10 for nostalgia and fun. After all, if you're not wearing clothes for the fun of it, why even bother?

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Image: Nickelodeon (1)