What Makes Selena Have Panic Attacks?

The songstress that's been reportedly battling lupus and heinous text rumors from likely off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber has found solace in her role in the film Rudderless , premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. Selena Gomez seems to handle every tough situation she's been in with class and grace (even if an F-bomb occasionally slips out). However, being in films is really what keeps her sane — and panic attack-free.

"I was stoked," Gomez says in a press interview for the film on Jan. 20. "I was about to go on tour and I knew it was going to be a year long. I kind of get this panic attack when I know I'm not going to be on a set for a year. Just because I do love both a lot."

Filming Rudderless has proved to be an escape from "the everyday madness that I've got to go through." Well, no kidding. If you just had one of the busiest years of your young adult life, went on a world tour, and your kinda-ex boyfriend is being investigated by the police for egging his neighbor's home... yeah, I'd want an escape, too.

"I could just wear my own clothes and not have to worry about anything and just be with these cool people," Gomez says.

These "cool people" just happen to be the film's director, William H. Macy, and co-stars Billy Crudup, Jamie Chung, Felicity Huffman, Anton Yelchin, and Laurence Fishburne. Gomez has a small role as a character named Kate in the music-filled film about a man who uses music to help cope with the loss of his son. She appealed to Macy after he saw her deep and emotional turn as Faith in Spring Breakers last year.

Gomez was also asked if the panic attacks went away after joining the cast.

"Yeah, what does that say about me actually?" Gomez says. "That's exactly what happened. It felt good. It felt like I got to be just in that world and kind of step out of it all."

Rudderless premieres on Jan. 24 at Sundance, and we can't wait to see Ms. Sel-Go show us what she's got, especially since co-star Chung set the bar pretty high.

"I think it's a side you've never seen of her," he says. "It's quite fantastic. It's dark. But she's always so lovely."