Kylie Jenner Sums Up A Stylish Year With One Photo

It was a big year for the Kardashian-Jenners. Between adding more members to their family, writing books, and launching beauty products, it's hard to decide who had the most influential year, but the winner of most fiercely fashionable 2015 is clear. Kylie Jenner recapped her year in one stylish Instagram that featured fashion, family, and on-point styling all in one shot. Leave it to Jenner to teach her sisters a thing or two about style!

I'm convinced that there is no outfit that Jenner won't try at least once. One day she's out shopping in heels and a dress and the next day she kicking it with her friends in a sweatsuit. You just never know what she'll wear next, and her favorite Instagrams of 2015 post on her blogs, which highlights 30 stand-out images, shows how fashionable she is and just how much she has evolved this year. Coming from a girl who sometimes posts five pictures a day, her round-up definitely says a thing or two about her ever-changing style.

She kicked off her blog post by sharing one picture that perfectly portrayed her year in one stylish shot. Captioned "2015 recap," she shared a picture of her and her model big sis wrapped ying and yang like in black and white outfits. Although it's a familiar image, (she shared the picture on Instagram a little over three months ago) it completely wraps up her year, between the outfit and the image of herself with her partner-in-crime. It would have been more predictable for her to post an image of her Kylie Lip Kit or her entire family, but I think Jenner managed to communicate what this year was all about for her.

I'm not saying her reasoning behind her favorite Instagrams all had to do with her outfits, but I'm not not saying that either. Here are some of Jenner's most stylish top Instagrams of 2015.

1. Thanksgiving Style

Jenner clearly has a lot to be thankful for — good style included.

2. On-Point Workout Gear

Even her workout gear is fabulous!

3. Gatsby Gown

She goes from comfy clothing to ball gowns in the blink of an eye.

4. Backwards Cap

Her accessories are just as versatile as her clothes.

5. Thigh High Boots

Just when you think you know her personal style, she slips into a onesie and thigh high boots just to confuse you.

6. Mix & Match Jacket

A throwback bomber jacket and skin-tight slitted dress doesn't sound like a winning pair, but somehow Jenner makes it work.

7. Gold Sneakers

What an epic (and unpredictable) combination.

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