Your Guide To Celebrating NYE The 'Broad City' Way

New Year's Eve is right around the corner, which means time is running out for you to make those party plans. But don't worry, we've got you covered. This NYE, celebrate in the funniest, most feminist way you possibly could: the Broad City way. It's clear that besties Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler — played by real life besties Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer — know how to have fun. Even Broad City season 3 guest star Hillary Clinton wanted to get in on it. That's how fun they are. So, while getting geared up for the last party of the year, why not steal a few tips from the Broad City girls on New Year's Eve that will help ensure that you end the year on the highest of notes.

Broad City is the millennial version of I Love Lucy, with Abbi and Ilana getting into tons of shenanigans, just like Lucy and Ethel before them. That clearly makes them the perfect people to base one's New Year's fun on. Maybe you'll end up at a rooftop party or maybe you'll end up in a secret underground speakeasy. But, no matter what, you know it'll be fun. And don't worry if you didn't get that party invite, or, worse, a last minute one out of pity. Don't be afraid to humorously respond just like Jacobson and Glazer did to their Golden Globe snub with a photo of their own Golden Globes.

So this year, live your best New Year's Eve with a little help from Abbi and Ilana.

1. Make A Quick Bed, Bath & Beyond Stop

The coupons never expire. Never. So what better place to pick up some pre-party items? May I suggest going straight to the As Seen On TV section and picking up a Turbie Twist? Not before nailing your BB&B secret handshake, of course.

2. Treat Yourself To A Fancy Last 2015 Dinner

But maybe, don't go too crazy on the shellfish. Especially if you're allergic. You don't want your friend to have to pull an Abbi, and carry you out of the restaurant and take you to the hospital. A night watching the ball drop in the ER isn't exactly what we'd call fun. Though, if your best friend is by your side, maybe it's not so bad. Maybe it's just upping the ante for #squadgoals in 2016.

3. Wear Your Best Power Suit (Even Better If It's White)

Yeah, yeah, we know everyone says don't wear white after Labor Day, but you're not afraid to break a few fashion rules. So, like Ilana did after getting her first big paycheck, buy yourself a nice power suit, preferably in white to symbolize the blank slate that is 2016. Just stay far away from anyone drinking red wine and maybe resist calling it a "white power suit." That's definitely not what you mean.

4. Dance Like Everyone Is Watching

No matter where you spend this New Year's Eve, you should be dancing — even if it's in the back of a moving truck. Just more room for your to show off your moves, am I right? Seriously, Drake's got nothing on you.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Unleash Your Inner Val

Sure, Abbi's a ton of fun, but, once and a while, she's got to get her lounge singer on and turn into Val. This New Year's Eve, don't be afraid to show up to a party as yourself, but leave as someone a little more musical and a whole lot drunker.

6. FOMO? Hell, No

No matter what Instagram says your friends and frenemies are doing to say goodbye to 2015, remember that what you're doing right now is the most fun. And, if it's not, well then, on to the next party. Who knows? The next one may just happen to be “the Narnia of Partias.” The best remedy for any of your fears of missing out.

7. Show Those Catcallers How You Really Feel

In 2016, you're not going to stand for anyone telling you to smile, so why not start in the very last precious minutes of 2015. Even better, do so by taking a page from Abbi and Ilana's book when someone on the street told them to smile. They've got your smile right there.

8. Don't Deny Yourself That Second Fried Mac And Cheese Ball

Because life is too short, and fried mac and cheese balls are too good.

Last tip for spending New Year's Eve the Broad City way? Don't be afraid to shout "YAS KWEEN" as many times as you'd like. It's still 2015 after all.

Images: Linda Kallerus/Comedy Central; Giphy (4); f**kyeahbroadcity, CaptainPhasma/Tumblr