Drake's "Hotline Bling" Dancing Taught Us A Lot

Since Drake released the video for "Hotline Bling," an endless amount of gifs have been made in its honor. In fact, Drake's dancing has spawned dozens of parodies, my personal favorite involving a character from the show Summer Height's High performing an interpretative dance to the song in front of a classroom of kids. Choreographer, Tanisha Scott, spoke to W magazine about creating the now legendary dancing in the "Hotline Bling" video, and said, "hip-hop videos used to be so fun, and that’s what he wanted to express." In my opinion, Drake has totally achieved fun and then some. A music video hasn't made me smile so much since, well, the '90s, probably, and I can't help mimicking the moves myself as the song plays.

A lot of criticism has been thrown at Drake for his so-called uncool dancing, but, as many of the parodies, gifs and memes have shown, he's really struck a chord in people. It's rare to inspire so much joy, fun, and laughter, even if it is, for the most part, unintentional. Drake probably had no idea his "Hotline Bling" dancing would provoke so much response. It's been a total lesson for me, and here's everything I've learnt from Drake's incredible video.

1. Express Yourself

Sometimes, expressing yourself is a tough thing to do. Online, everyone's holding it together and showing a pristine (or not so pristine) version of themselves. But what if I have something that needs to be said, or I want to get a little artistic? Drake shows that sometimes it's okay to let loose, and let those emotions free.

2. No One Talks On The Phone Anymore

I'm going to sound super old right now, but I remember a time before cell phones had taken over our lives. The Internet used to take ages to connect, as the phone line dialed up, and, if I wanted to spend hours talking to my friends, they'd either find me on MSN Messenger (if I wasn't Invisible!) or they'd call me on the phone. Now, why make that call when you can email, text or Facebook instead? But I'm with Drake on this one. Let's lament when loads of people used to make our hotlines bling.

3. Not Every Move You Make Is Going To Be Pretty

We've all done things we wish we hadn't. Life is filled with surprises, mistakes, and slightly awkward dance moves, which look a bit like we're moving our groceries down the check out line. And that's OK.

4. All It Takes Is One Person To Make You Feel Less Alone

Drake is so much more comfortable once he's dancing with another person. I'm all for being alone, rather than with the wrong person, but having the support of just one friend can make a world of difference. Especially if that friend gets all your weirdness, and still wants you around.

5. Being Alone Is Cool Too

One of the most awesome things about getting older is feeling totally chill going for coffee or food alone. I used to get nervous going out on my lonesome to restaurants or Starbucks, but now there's nothing better. Relaxing with beverages and snacks without anyone killing your buzz is definitely a positive thing about growing up.

6. Changing Your Mind Or Your Direction Is OK

It's actually OK to wake up one day and change direction completely. Whether it's wanting a new career, ending friendships and relationships that aren't working for you, or taking a scenic route on the way to work just to mix things up, it's fine to make decisions and changes at any point. Take control, and own your important life junctures.

7. Commit

Regardless of what haters may say, Drake totally committed himself to "Hotline Bling" and its iconic video. He's true to himself, not afraid to try new things, and commits completely to every move and gesture. And everyone can benefit from throwing themselves into something headfirst, now and again.

Overall, Drake's dancing in "Hotline Bling" is an exercise in positivity, and has totally inspired me to throw more shapes, and stop apologizing for myself so much. Watch the full video below.

Images: Drake/VEVO (7)