Kim Kardashian Has Influenced Kanye's Style A Lot

If there were ever a man to claim the title of Most Stylish Man not once, but twice, of course it’d be ‘Ye. I mean, did we really expect anything else? Kim Kardashian has influenced Kanye West’s style just as much as he’s influenced hers. If you ask me, she deserves a little credit for his dressing abilities, because their looks require some major teamwork. Kardashian’s been super open about how her rapper/fashion designer husband’s influenced the way she dresses, but I feel like their evolving style goes both ways, honestly.

You’ve got to admit that Yeezy smiles a lot more (and has a lot more design opportunities) with Kardashian in his life. I mean, he did get to help design that wedding ring of hers. Would he have set his sights on jewelry without her? It’s hard to say. Since they have the cutest daughter basically in the whole world, he even gets to style ballet ensembles and make custom mini-versions of his clothing. He definitely couldn’t have done that without Kardashian’s help, you know?

Check out seven ways that his wife has changed his overall swagger and sense of style, because I think it’s safe to say — Kimye is better together!

1. Kim K Made Him Smile

That smile really makes this photograph, you know? Kim K's really changed the way West carries himself.

2. His Matching Is On A Whole Other Level

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's all about matchy, matchy ensembles, but having a wife that will match his outfits, too — well, that just takes it to a whole other level.

3. She's Helped Him Up His Accessory Game


Because isn't North West the best thing you could ever have by your side?

4. She Gave Him A Go At Jewelry Design

Because of course 'Ye had a hand in creating this amazing ring for his wife.

5. He's Got A Tot To Style, Too

North West give him yet another way to express himself stylistically — by letting him dress her, of course!

6. He's Improved His Selfie Game

A killer selfie game is the key to incredible style, after all.

7. Shopping's Never Been More Fun

Whether he's shopping for himself or for his wife, there's never been more opportunities for shopping for clothes. Plus, going with Kim K's got to make it more fun, don't you think?

They've got each other for better or worse and when it comes to dressing — it's definitely for the better.

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