What Brendan Dassey Thinks Of 'Making A Murderer'

Filmed over a 10-year period, Netflix's new true crime docuseries, Making A Murderer begins with the story of Steven Avery and his wrongful rape conviction for which he spent 18 years in jail until his exoneration in 2003. That's only episode one of the show. The rest of the 10-part series delves into Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey's arrests and convictions in 2007 of the murder of Teresa Halbach. There was no DNA evidence linking 16-year-old Dassey to the murder, but what likely got him convicted was an alleged confession Dassey made in 2006 that he later recanted during his 2007 trial. It's been several years since Avery and his nephew were sentenced to prison, and now Netflix has brought their case back to light with this docuseries. So, what does Brendan Dassey think of the Making A Murderer? [UPDATE: Dassey's lawyer Laura Nirider said that her client is still coming to terms with the public reaction to the series. "Behind the four walls of a prison without, obviously, a Netflix subscription, it’s hard to understand how big Making a Murderer has gotten," she told Forbes. "He’s understanding it. He is hopeful. He is grateful. He wants his fair shot. That’s all."]

Well, he hasn't come right out and said it, but I'm sure Dassey is pleased that the world is now looking into his case, and many viewers believe he's innocent. His family has stood by him and his claims of innocence the entire time and have also been encouraging people to check out the docuseries.

In December 2014, his mother posted a photo on her Facebook page of a letter written by Dassey, which he addressed to "the world." The letter encouraged people to keep sharing information about his case and explained that he thinks he was wrongfully convicted. He seems to be reaching out through his family to rally exposure for the case and I would imagine that since the Netflix docuseries is doing the same thing, he must be grateful to it.

Regardless of whether he has specifically publicly commented on the film or not, it is accomplishing exactly what he has been fighting for this entire time: Getting people around the world to pay attention to his case and fight for his release.

Image: Netflix